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Austin Tx’s retro gaming store spawns another!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Game Over Videogames, Inc., Austin’s independent chain of stores specializing in classic and used videogames from Atari to Xbox, today officially announced plans to expand for the first time beyond the Austin metro area with the addition of its 4th retail store location planned to open in San Antonio, TX this November. Currently, Game Over Videogames operates 3 successful retail video game stores and an online store in central Texas – Austin (183/Lamar), Sunset Valley (290/Brodie), and Round Rock (I-35@620). Game Over Videogames has a rabid fan following around the state, and they were voted “Best Video Game Store” for the past 2 years in a row by the readers of the Austin Chronicle (2009-2010).

Having just celebrated their 5th anniversary and riding the wave of retro gaming nostalgia, Game Over Videogames is poised to make a grand entrance when its new store opens in San Antonio next month. Game Over Videogames’ President, David Kaelin, sums it up this way, “As a huge metro area with 2 million residents and practically no alternative to the national chain game stores such as GameStop, we feel very confident in the success of our unique vintage video game store concept along with our extensive selection of classic gaming products and inventory, special events, retro tournaments, and much more!”

Descendants of Erdrick – LIVE – at Game Over Videogames

Thursday, November 26th, 2009
Visit them at

Visit them at

(Press Release) – Game Over Videogames, Inc., an Austin-based corporation that specializes in the buying and selling of classic and used videogames, announced today that its new Round Rock location is hosting a FREE live music performance by local video game rock band – Descendants of Erdrick on Sunday, December 6th, 2009 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. The store is located in the Market at Round Rock shopping center at the southwest corner of I-35 and Hwy 620 (near McDonalds and Sprouts). The performance will take place in the outdoor performance center next door to the Game Over Videogames store.

This show will be completely FREE and open to the public so everyone is encouraged to come take a break from all of the holiday shopping stress and enjoy some free live music entertainment with the family! Bring your folding chairs, friends, neighbors, kids, even a picnic dinner if you like (no alcoholic beverages are allowed).

The Humane Society of Williamson County will be accepting donations at this event to support the animals at their “no kill” shelter. Game Over will be collecting donations of money and supplies for HSWC at this event. Please visit their website for the items needed most at: and bring them with you to the concert. Money, clumping cat litter, and canned Science Diet cat/dog food are the top 3 requests. This is a very tough time of year for all charities with the economy down and since people have many other priorities for their time and money. The animals need and appreciate your help!

The Descendents of Erdrick

The Descendents of Erdrick

The band, The Descendants of Erdrick, is an instrumental project dedicated to re-creating classic NES and SNES music in a rock band format. The group is composed of guitarist and “progressive-alternative” singer/songwriter Amanda Lepre, bassist Chris Taylor and drummer David Conger. There are plenty of music fans out there who grew up with a Nintendo controller in-hand, and The Descendants of Erdrick want to bring those people back with nostalgia and fun! The name is a reference from the first RPG to hit the Nintendo Entertainment System in the U.S. back in 1989 – Dragon Warrior.

If you have never been to a Game Over Videogames store, this is a great time to take a stroll down the memory lane of video game stores. Game Over Videogames was started in 2005 by longtime Austin resident David Kaelin, and now it’s already well known around the state and even beyond Texas as THE PLACE to find classic & used videogames from Atari 2600 to Xbox 360, plus they have the largest selection of videogame related accessories, apparel, and other related merchandise. Game Over also buys old games for cash or store credit so before you give your old games away, sell them in a garage sale, or throw them in the trash, definitely check them out. This is a great way to recycle your old games by trading them for newer ones or just sell them for cash!

For more information about other exciting events, news, or general information about Game Over Videogames, Inc., please check out their website at or call their main office at 512-459-4263.

Game Over for the Classic Game Fest Jousters

Monday, July 20th, 2009
Joust on the Movie Screen. Aww, yeah.

Joust on the Movie Screen. Aww, yeah.

It’s not always easy to tell how we’re going to feel when we do an event. There’s hangovers to deal with, Texas heat, loading and unloading the swag, making sure we’re properly hydrated… So when we attend a well-planned, well-managed event, that’s something to write about.

This past weekend in Austin, we attended Game Over Videogames’ Classic Game Fest. As some of you might have read on Friday, the game for the event was Joust. What we didn’t write about, because we didn’t know at the time, was how smoothly the event would go once we arrived.

Bill Byrne of Painful Leg Injuries

Bill Byrne of Painful Leg Injuries

We were set up just outside the door and the Game Over staff made us feel right at home for the event. Shortly after arriving and setting up our table the signups began. Once the preliminary round was completed, the action moved outside where Bill Byrne of Painful Leg Injuries served up some electronic music using a wii-mote, some Gameboys, and a laptop. It was some impressive stuff. After Bill, there really was a breakdancer who put on about a five minute show and I got winded just watching him.

After the performances it was on to round two which was played on a movie screen set up in the parking lot. The crowd was responsive as the players duked it out for their spot in the next bracket and the Reckon Crew had some favorites among the competitors as the event wore on. We kept handing out the swag while watching as the action played out on the big screen.

The final Three competitors with their prizes

The final Three competitors with their prizes

When all was said and done, there were three finalists and only one of them could be the top Jouster. Finishing in third was Nathan McClellan, in second was Eric Graybill, and the first place victor was Alex Apple.

Due to a prior engagement,  we won’t be able to attend the next Classic Game Fest event on July 31st, which will be Dr. Mario if you were wondering, we’d encourage those who have a love for classic gaming to swing by Game Over Video Games that weekend if you’re in the Austin area. You can find them on the corner of Lamar and Highway 183. Swing by and tell ‘em Busy Gamer sent you. That’s always good for instant cool points.

Our thanks go out to David Kaelin and the rest of the staff of Game Over Videogames for making us feel welcome and putting on a great event.

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Game Over Video Game Classic Game Fest, Joust

Friday, July 17th, 2009
Last week's Classic Game Fest Pong contest on the movie screen outside of Austin's Game Over Video Games

Last week's Classic Game Fest Pong contest on the movie screen outside of Austin's Game Over Video Games

Here we are in Austin the night before the Game Over Classic Game Fest round two. And guess what? The alcohol is already flowing.

As we get “ready” for the event, Crutchboy and Miss Genocide argue about music in the background as I type this and we all wager who will have the biggest hangover in the morning…

This week’s event will feature the classic Joust. No, it won’t involve a dark room and glow in the dark condoms. We’re talking the actual game of Joust. The first round of matches will take place inside the store on an appropriately old school TV. Qualifiers will then move to the parking lot of Game Over to compete against one another… on a movie screen! Yeah, some of you just peed a little.

The event will begin with sign-ups at 7:00PM with the first round of qualifications beginning at 7:30PM. Before the second round round begins, there will be a live performance by Bill Byrne of the Painful Leg Injuries. And then there’s going to be some break dancing. For five minutes if I’ve read the schedule right. I can’t make this stuff up.

At 9:00PM, the second round of eliminations will begin and then, there will be a screening of the classic video game movie, “The Wizard” in the store’s videogame museum.

The BG Reckon Crew will be on hand at the event to offer up some t-shirts and other swag. Miss Genocide will be on hand to make us look good. So swing by our table and see who won the “Most Hungover” contest and pick up a t-shirt. If you’re in Austin and you want to get in on some old school video game goodness, come sign up for the Classic Game Fest at Game Over Video Games on the corner of if Highway 183 and Lamar. We’ll be there with our game on.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a beer with my name on it at the bar.

Gritskrieg – End of Line