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Congratulations to Hailey Bright, Gamette of the Year ’09!!!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Hailey Bright Gamette of the Year 09

Well, it was a nail biter there for a while with Hailey Bright and Jessica V. trading the top spot in our Gamette of the Year contest over the past week but just as 2009 came to an end, there was a last minute rally. The support we’ve seen for these two fine ladies has been phenomenal and it’s a shame that we can’t crown them both as our Gamette of the Year. But the fans have spoken and it’s the lovely Hailey Bright who wins it all!

Hailey joined our Gamettes on January of 2009 and it didn’t take long for her to make an impression on our readers. As some of you may remember, IGN made her their “Babe of the Day” on January 5th to which we responded shortly thereafter that we had given her a whole month. Well, now she’s gone and managed to take the whole year!

Hailey Bright is currently the co-host of Coin-Op TV Live, a weekly talk show serving up the goods on the video game industry. Hailey also co-hosted the DirecTV show, Championship Gaming Series, and can be spotted on the red carpet at gaming events such as Spike TV’s VGAs. Amid her busy schedule, Hailey still manages to get in some time for her modeling and acting careers, gracing everything from the pages of Elle Magazine to ads for video games.

Hailey Bright and Coin-Op TV

For those of you who have not yet had the fortune of seeing the lovely Hailey Bright in action, you can watch her live on Thursday nights with host Rob Welkner on Coin-Op TV Live at 10pm CST or check out some of the previously recorded shows. If you check watch the live feed, you can ask questions in the chatroom Hailey monitors and relays to Rob during the show. Just don’t… ya know, ask creepy stuff. Freaks.

You can also catch up with Hailey’s latest adventures by checking out her Twitter, her MySpace, or her official, official page,

Be sure if you do visit to congratulate her on becoming our Gamette of the Year 2009!!!

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Hailey Bright on the set of Coin-Op TV Live

Congratulations, Hailey, from all of us here at!

The Busy Gamer Gamettes of 2009

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


We’re known for a few things on our site. Of course the main thing is our news and info for you guys… the busygamer. We know that you guys like the same things we do, because quite frankly you guys are a lot like us.

And since you’re like us… you must like girls a lot. I know we do. So much that I truly believe all of our convention parties, plane hopping, binge drinking, air hockey pwning, and assorted shenanigans on the road are spent in search of the perfect girl. We’ve met quite a few on our quest for ultimate nerd-dom, and we keep looking for more.

All our lives we were taught that chicks don’t dig guys like us. While that may have been true a few years ago, the one thing we have learned is that there are chicks that dig the same things we’re into… and they’re smokin’.

So we celebrate them. In our Gamettes. The Gamette has become one of our most popular attractions to the site. And despite what you may think, the main reason we have them on the site is to promote everything they stand for. We love women. I mean… seriously… and to find girls who are beautiful inside and out, that’s a treat.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at their profiles. In addition to being our queens of the month, they are all out breaking hearts and breaking heads in their prospective fields. It doesn’t matter if they are working in comic books, hosting internet shows, breaking into pro gaming, or modeling, these ladies kick our butts in a lot of things.

Being a Gamette isn’t easy. For one thing, we’re big jerks. In addition to being good ambassadors to our readers, these girls take the time to game, answer questionnaires, rep our site and their own personal ambitions, and be all around cool chicks at events and functions.

With the year ending, we take the time to look at the past year and all our awesome Gamettes 2009 brought us. Some wrote for us, some wrote TO us, some hung out with us at various functions and helped us push the site’s popularity. With that we take the time to say “thank you” with our annual GAMETTE OF THE YEAR contest. This is where YOU get to vote to make this happen.

If you are friends of any of these girls through social networking sites, you may see them soon posting bulletins and notices asking for your help. Help them. We are remaining unbiased here and leaving the votes up to you and the girls.

So who’s it gonna be lads?


Busy Gamer’s Gamette of the Year 2008

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

ELLY! GMOY 2008!
December 2008 has marked’s very first contest paying tribute to the lovely gaming ladies of geekdom. Along with their popularity through us and their fans, we had to finally allow readers to choose who they thought was worthy enough to land the title of ‘Gamette of the Year’. Through a month of battling mercilessly for votes, posting on fourms, wrangling friends on XboX Live, repeated bulletins on MySpace, Facebook etc., we reached a photo fininsh this last New Year’s Eve, crowning our lady Noelle, aka ‘Elly’ as our dot com Queen. After tallying and validating each vote, Noelle ended up winning with a total of 207 votes of the 727 total (28%). It was a close run with StarSlay3r landing 205 votes and Lauren getting third place with 144.

Elly hails from South Texas and has been a part of’s arsenal of femme fatales since November of 2007. She was the very first Gamette on the site, known for throwing swag parties, hosting gaming events and cooking the Crew meals after cons, always sharing greatly in our enthusiasm with nerd culture and love of the genre. The only thing that surpasses her obsession with gaming would be her Star Wars fanatiscm, more especially with the earlier versions of the role playing game Star Wars Galaxies aka SWG. Along side managing her own gaming guilds, this gal can be caught watching Anime, playing World of Warcraft, Prince of Persia, Katamari Damacy, and Guitar Hero.

Elly sporting her SWG gear!

Elly sporting her SWG gear!

We are honored to have Noelle on our team, not just as a spokesmodel for the web site, but as a long time friend and supporter of our growing need for nerdom, beautiful women, and world domination. This post and year goes out to her. Here’s to this one and many more., Gamettes and Crew, thank all of you for making this contest a huge success and reminds you that we have more button pushing bombshells coming at you in 2009. Stay tuned.

- Crutchboy & The Busy Gamer Reckon Crew

All Hail the Queens

Friday, December 5th, 2008
Gamette Janell kicking butt in the polls!

Gamette Janell kicking butt in the polls!

I like my beer like I like my women… Cold, dark and bitter. Crutchboy likes them younger than his guitar but older than his TRS-80. Gritz likes them like a game of Ms. Pacman… challenging on the surface, but not hard to figure out.

We love women. We’re pretty sure that besides our love for video games and pop culture, part of the reason we even mess with this site is to impress some nerd girl halfway around the country. That’s why we have decided to take the month of December to really pay tribute to our Busygamettes and celebrate them in all their internet and scantily clad BG shirt glory. Because admit it my friends, you’ve checked them out just as much as we have. What started as a ploy to sell our BG skull t-shirt has exploded into a phenomonon that has spawned countless koozies, shirts, mousepads, and swag.

It’s been a year since the site has gone up and we have met tons of interesting people along the way. Programmers, writers, reviewers, gamers, and bands have made their way on our website and have shaken our fanboy hands, but nothing makes us happier than when we actually get a new Gamette to join our proud ranks. We love the thought of girls playing games that don’t involve our hearts and we love our Gamettes. The main reason? They are all so different it’s cool. It’s their diversity that makes them unique and what we admire. Maybe you have noticed that, too.

This month, your favorite Gamettes from 2008 need your help. They need your vote to help crown them our GMOY (Gamette of the year). It’s a great opportunity that involves a cash prize, more recognition and more swag. Each IP address can only vote once, so make sure you take the time out to pick the one you really want to see win.

So who will it be? Our superstar Gamette who can beat you at Guitar Hero (Starslay3r), our newest cover girl for Chix Gamin Magazine (Tiff), our OBGYN (Original Busygamer Gamette Yay noElly), the only girl I know with an Apple tattoo (Lenora), the young gun heartbreaker (Lauren), our current leader (Janell), or the girl who works in a comic book store, likes punk rock and Star Wars it’s just too good to be true (Amber)?

It’s going to come down to the wire, and it’s going to take all month to crown the winner. Since there is only one vote per IP address, it’s going to be up to the people out there to decide who they really want to crown. If you have any of these girls on social networking sites as friends… you may notice their bulletins and messages to vote for them. Do it. They need your help, and after all the cheer they bring you this holiday season, isn’t that the least you can do?

So hang with us this month. Celebrate chickdom in all it’s glory. You can’t be the king of Nerdland without a queen.

Timothy Danger

Click HERE and cast your vote!