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Geeks… You know you love ‘em

Monday, February 9th, 2009
Quit the grinnin' and drop the linen

Quit the grinnin' and drop the linen

Ah, love is in the air. And on that damn interweb thing I keep hearing the kids talk about. It’s that magical time of year when subscriptions to single dating sites spike substantially, when you pay too much for a box of chocolate, and a folded piece of cardboard with a cute image and some flowery words can make or break a man. And yeah, some will even click on that ad on After all, you do want to know who’s online near you… Don’t you?

You all know what I mean, you just don’t want to admit it. After all, geeks are known to be unlucky in love but good at pwning face where pixels are involved. That’s right, kiddies, Valentine’s Day is here. How apropos that this holiday celebrates a man who was beaten with clubs, stoned (with rocks, not wacky tabacky), and finally beheaded for his belief that couples should be wed in a Christian ceremony. Tell that bit to your girl when you give her that bouquet of roses… I guarantee it’ll kill the mood if your aftershave hasn’t already.

Yes, we geeks all know this is that time of year where we make up excuses for not celebrating Valentine’s Day or having significant others. I’m partial to letting anyone who will listen that the holiday is “over-hyped” on TV and in romance novels. I’m sure everyone still believes we’re trying to find ourselves before we look for love and that it’s okay that we cry ourselves to sleep at night. Has your mom asked you if you’re gay yet?  That one’s a real crowd pleaser.

So if you’re still wearing your House Gryffindor tabard, waving a switch around trying to make that cardboard cutout of Slave Leia come to life, you’d probably be better served by a short visit to the Internet. And no, not to pr0n sites, to Unlike the pr0n sites, this one is free to join and you’re much more likely to meet a girl willing to wear a Supergirl outfit just because it’s casual Friday.

Bent on making the world a less scary place on those dork and lonely nights, is all about matching you up with someone who will actually laugh when you make light of a situation by quoting Star Wars. Someone who won’t cover their face in shame when you whip out the phaser in public. Someone who actually gets it when you refer to yourself as “The Kernel”. If even one of those things appeals to you, you could do worse than to pay a visit.

Signing up is easy and fairly painless. It’s not a quick process if you’re actually going to put in more effort on filling out the various profile sections than you do on your normal wardrobe on a Monday morning. But once you’re done, you have the choice to post up a few pics or remain that “potluck surprise” while you browse the other users on the site.

Don’t let that D&D book collection stand in the way of true love. Rather, let them be the way to break the ice. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Tell ‘em Gritskrieg sent you. That’s geek cred right there.

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