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Gay Tony comes out in GTAIV second DLC!

Friday, July 24th, 2009
Not sure if this is Gay Tony, let's take no chances...

Not sure if this is Gay Tony, let's take no chances...

Second and final Xbox 360-exclusive expansion will arrive two days before end of Take-Two’s fiscal year!

(Gamespot) – Two months ago, rumors of an Irish gangster-themed second expansion to Grand Theft Auto IV went up in flames with the announcement of The Ballad of Gay Tony. The game will prominently feature Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince, associate of the Ancelotti crime family in GTAIV. More specifically, it will follow his assistant, Luis Lopez, who popped up in the “Museum Piece” mission featured in both the original game and the first expansion, February’s The Lost and Damned.

Now, the second and final expansion, which concerns criminal intrigue in Liberty City’s high-end nightlife, has been definitively dated for October 29. It will be offered a la carte on Xbox Live for the price $19.99/MSP1,600 or at stores as part of the disc-based title Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. Retailing for $39.99, the latter bundles the Ballad of Gay Tony with the Lost and Damned and, interestingly, does not require the original GTAIV to play, as the downloadable expansions do.

PS3 to get Take-Two’s next GTA ‘type’ game, AGENT.

Friday, June 5th, 2009
Xbox is S.O.L. on this one.

Xbox is S.O.L. on this one.

(Gamestop) – Unlike past years, this year’s E3 Sony Press Conference saw the platform holder’s cup runneth over. Besides the PSP Go, native PSP video store, and new motion-sensing technology, the company showed off a series of high-profile exclusives, including MAG, God of War III, Uncharted 2, The Last Guardian, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Ironically, the event dedicated only a few moments to a title which has the potential to be one of the biggest PS3 exclusives ever, Agent. The game is the mystery title announced in 2007 by Rockstar North, developer of the Grand Theft Auto series. Ben Feder, president of Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive, believes the game could achieve the same level of success, given its development is being overseen by Rockstar North founders Sam and Dan Houser.

“We think this has the potential to be yet another great Rockstar North franchise title….It’s the Houser Brothers and Rockstar North. It’s the A team working on an AAA title. I think the subject matter, the characters, the story, the environment, the background–all the elements are there. It’s such a rich environment to play in.”

Speaking with GameSpot on the Electronic Entertainment Expo show floor, Feder explained the decision to develop the game solely for Sony’s console. “The trade-offs a publisher will typically make is, if you’re platform-agnostic, you get a larger installed base,” he said. “You’re platform exclusive when you get the right kind of support from first parties.”

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U.S. Court drops the hammer on video game law in Ca.

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

California says it's the parent's responsibility to monitior what their kids play.

The courts say it's the parent's responsibility to monitior what their kids play.

Court strikes down California video game law

(AP) SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A federal appeals court on Friday struck down a California law that sought to ban the sale or rental of violent video games to minors.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the 2005 law violates minors’ rights under the Constitution’s First and 14th amendments. The three-judge panel’s unanimous ruling upholds an earlier ruling in U.S. District Court.

The law would have prohibited the sale or rental of violent games to anyone under 18. It also would have created strict labeling requirements for video game manufacturers.

In a written opinion, Judge Consuelo Callahan said there were less restrictive ways to protect children from “unquestionably violent” video games. For example, the justices said the industry has a voluntary rating system and that parents can block certain games on video consoles.

The law’s author, state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, said he wanted Attorney General Jerry Brown to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“We need to help empower parents with the ultimate decision over whether or not their children play in a world of violence and murder,” Yee, a child psychologist, said in a statement.

A spokesman for Brown said the attorney general would review the decision to determine the appropriate steps.

California lawmakers had approved the law, in part, by relying on studies suggesting violent games can be linked to aggression, anti-social behavior and desensitization to violence. The justices dismissed that research.

“None of the research establishes or suggests a causal link between minors playing violent video games and actual psychological or neurological harm, and inferences to that effect would not be reasonable,” Callahan said in her ruling.

GTA took my blood away, my blood away, away from me..

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Reports are saying that after the release of GTA expansion pack ‘The Lost and Damned’ that the amount of blood in the game is now being censored. writes:

While at this stage these reports are unconfirmed, the complaints are in essence the exact opposite of what’s happened in Australia. Seems that some gamers from some European countries – including the UK and Germany – who previously enjoyed versions of the game resplendent with hooker-focused camera angles and lavish amounts of arterial bloodspray, now find their copies of the game neutered.

So less blood? Less sprays, no pools or trails left of the carnage that you just created? Seems kind of off beat for RockStar to backtrack some of the amount of gore in the game, and I’m almost a little bit offended that they did.

See the above footage of some before and after video from a German gamer, their is definitely a marked amount of change from ‘GTAIV’ and ‘The Lost and the Damned’ DLC pack. It’s also being discussed in countless forums, and the Gamespot discussions seem to be the most currently informed.

So will we see a ‘more gore’ patch soon? Or will we have to carry on our merry murderous rampages without the splashes and spurts that we are so very used to from the GTA franchise?

I vote for a fix. How dare you moderate our late night free play mayhem.


-Crutchboy out

GTA IV : The Lost and Damned – 10 Days and counting.

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

The first of two down loadable packs for Grand Theft Auto IV hits Xbox Live February 17, and the reviewers over at G4 are saying it packs a good punch. From what we can dig up on this most anticipated release, it appears that you will be stepping away from Niko and taking on the role of Johnny Klebitz, biker and second-in-command of The Lost motorcycle gang from the “Blow Your Cover” mission.

What can you expect? The DLC will run you a steep $20 on Live, but if you’re fans of rampant anarchy and carnage (like us at BusyGamer) then you get just what you asked for, MORE GUNS AND EXPLOSIVES! Some hitting the list are a pipe bomb, a sawed off shotgun, a combat shotgun, a machine pistol and a grenade launcher. Heck yeah, more civilian casualties for our late night free roam sprees!

Also noted are new cut scenes, new voice work, and new banter on Liberty City’s radio stations all boasting about +20 hours of gameplay.

But you had me at pipe bomb.


-Crutchboy out

Grand Theft Auto kills kittens

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Mesa Arizona’s County Deputies and Animal Crimes unit have investigated and concluded that 2 boys, 6 and 7 years old, have bludgeoned to death a 4 month old kitten and later hanged the cat in a tree with the use of a game controller cord.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio quotes: “The boys had apparently used a wire from the video game controller they were playing, Grand Theft Auto, to hoist up the kitten.” Later also saying “this game allows players to kill cops and rape women, it’s little wonder why they perpetrated such violence against the little animal.”

These types of allegations, of course, are going to enforce recent debateable topics such as “are video games contributing to more violence amongst our teens” and other levels of propaganda aimed at mature rated game titles.

The fact that GTA was actually cited in the article seems somewhat misleading. As to whether it was a copy of GTA that was found in their gaming console or just in the kids’ gaming collections is unknown.

Regardless, mature titles are designed for adults. Knowing that, in fact, most adults have the sense of knowing right from wrong and hence can discern the two, even when freely given the option from certain video game titles to actively use violence against the representation of a law figure, pedestrians, or animals.

Whether or not GTA influenced the children in harming this innocent feline, it is still ultimately the responsibility of the parents to monitor what their children watch on the televison, games they play, and other activities they participate in. It is very far fetched and unreasonable to go and tag a mature rated game left in the your Xbox as the scapegoat for actions that should have obviously been governed by these kids’ elders.

Authorities have noted that because of ‘language and cultural differences’ it was difficult to persuade both boys’ parents the need for counseling, but they would consider seeking some for the children at a later time.

Read the original article here.

-Crutchboy out

Grand Theft Auto IV

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

GTA IV - Busy Gamer Rating 3

GTA IV - Busy Gamer Rating 3

First Glance:
It’s a Grand Theft Auto title so there’s going to be over the top violence, sex, and car chases. Sounds like the new Fall TV programming schedule. I can’t wait.

The Short Story:
Top notch voice acting, beautiful graphics, and a story in the single player campaign that belongs on the big screen all make this one of the best games on the market. But the campaign is long, saves aren’t available during missions meaning you finish it the first time or start completely over. Fortunately, multiplayer matches can be set up quickly and enjoyed with very little time to invest. Buying this game for just the multiplayer, however, would be like giving your friend the cash to go see the summer’s big blockbuster and then have him tell you about it rather than seeing it for yourself. It’s just not the same thing.

The Score:
GTA IV is a wonderful game but the lengthy single player campaign makes it hard for the Busy Gamer to fully enjoy the story that’s being told here. Addictive gameplay means you might lose hours of your life without meaning to do so. If it weren’t for the various multiplayer modes, this game would score a one on the Busy Gamer scale. Fortunately, quick and enjoyable matches are easy enough to find at any time of the day or night so the latest installment of Grand Theft rates a 3 on our chart.

Body of review:
It would be very easy for the story in GTA IV to make the jump from video game to the big screen. There’s a deeply involved plotline here that should make some of the best screenwriters jealous. The characters develop as you play, the story unfolds, pushing you to play through that “one last mission” before quitting for the day. And when it’s all over, you feel like you’ve been on the ride of your life.

And that’s part of the problem for the Busy Gamer. There’s so much to do here in the single player campaign that you’ll have to make some sacrifices to fully enjoy the story. Whether it be foregoing time with the family or spending some long weekends just playing the game, to get the most for your money, you have to have the time. You could use cheats or pick up the guide or even skip through the side missions and only focus on the main story to cut down on how much time you’d need. But honestly, why bother playing it? That would be the same as renting a movie and fast forwarding through the whole thing just to see the ending. You’re going to miss out on a lot of the good stuff.

As a shooter, GTA IV does a lot of things right. You can take cover from your enemies and lay down a hail of fire from behind a protective surface but just like you, your enemies can do the same. You’re often heavily outnumbered in single player and have to carefully choose your shots to make sure you don’t get flanked or outmaneuvered by the AI. The AI is flaky at times, choosing to forego cover to rush blindly at you from time to time while at others remaining in a position even when it doesn’t have a shot at you. Sometimes this can make tracking down that last enemy a bit difficult.

The driving portion of the game is what we’ve come to expect from the series with a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. Each vehicle has its strengths and weaknesses when involved in combat situations and you’ll find yourself looking for particular cars depending on what it is you want to accomplish. Shooting and driving at the same time can be tricky at first but it becomes a necessary skill as the game plays out and you’ll find yourself becoming adept at shooting out tires on enemy vehicles if you want to get things done quickly.

Police chases have always been a staple of the GTA franchise and so it’s no surprise to see that the law enforcement of Liberty City takes a dim view of violence against civilians in their city. Firing a weapon with a patrolman anywhere nearby results in an instant wanted level and you’ll find very quickly that the majority of civilians in Liberty City are more than willing to call in the 5-0 on their cell phones if you’re shooting up their neighborhood. An arrest leads to you losing all of your collected weapons when you’re put in lock up while being gunned down by the cops, or anyone for that matter, means a trip to the hospital where you’ll lose a portion of your bankroll.

The citizens of Liberty City provide a constant background of noise and various conversations. You’ll find yourself just walking around listening in on some of the conversations simply because they’re hilarious. And they react much like people do in the real world to violence. Most will run away if you pull out a gun but some will pull out guns of their own. Shouldering your way down the street can lead to fist fights with the populace and in some cases, a gun fight.

Of course no GTA would be complete without sex. Between the woman you can date, the strip clubs where you can buy lap dances, and the hookers you can buy various “services” from, you’re sure to blow through your bankroll if you decide on a night out on the town. There’s no Hot Coffee mod here, it’s all right out in the open if you’re looking for it.

The multiplayer is where a lot of Busy Gamers will end up spending the majority of their time. Free for alls, cops and robbers, races… There’s a multiplayer mode for everyone. Competitive, team play, and even some co-operative play are available. And matches are easy to find, day or night. Simply enter the staging area alone or with your friends and set up what type of match you’re looking for and you’ll generally have one in a matter of minutes.

Free play will be a draw for the Busy Gamers who just want to team up with their friends and wreck things in Liberty City. There are no objectives, no time limits, and no point to it other than to have fun. Stealing cars, getting the cops mad at you, trying to see how long you and your friends can hold a Burger Shot while the cops try to get inside… It’s a lot of fun.

The single player mode should be the main draw here, though. It’s the best part of the game. The inability to save in the middle of a mission and the addictive gameplay make for a dangerous combination for the Busy Gamer. The various multiplayer modes make up for some of what you’ll be losing out on not playing through the single player story but without the story, you’re missing out on the best game this year.

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