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Guinness releases book of videogame records

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Will we see your record for most number of Monster drinks downed while playing Freebird on Guitar Hero?

(Reuters) – The most perfect virtual bowler, the most swearing in a videogame and the most popular game on Facebook are just some of the records listed in the 2011 gamer’s bible of wacky achievements from Guinness World Records.

The new “Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition” published on Thursday features an array of record holders from pensioners to schoolchildren, demonstrating the extent to which people from all walks of life have embraced videogames.

“Gaming has become a hugely important part of popular culture and this year’s Gamer’s Edition reflects just that,” said Guinness World Records Gaming Editor Gaz Deaves.

The oldest gamer to make the book is 85 year-old John Bates from Onalaska, Wisconsin. The former high school principal became hooked on Nintendo’s Wii Bowling and went on to achieve the Most Perfect Games on Wii Sports Bowling (2,850).

At the other end of the age spectrum is nine-year-old Ryota Wada from Tokyo, who has been recognized as the Youngest Gamer to Achieve a Perfect ‘AAA’ score on music videogame Dance Dance Revolution.

Mitsugu Kikai, 25, from Tokyo is recognized for having the largest collection of memorabilia related to videogame character Super Mario (5,400 individual items) and Annie Leung from San Francisco is featured for achieving the highest score on Guitar Hero 3 for a female (789,349 points).

Other records include the most swearing in a videogame, the most people to sing to a karaoke videogame and the most popular game on Facebook, which is FarmVille with 60 million monthly active users.

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The Perfect Game

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Baseball FTW!

From 2K games comes a deal that you truly can’t refuse if you are a baseball fan! There have only been 18 perfect games pitched since baseball has been started to be played. The most recent was pitched last year by Mark Buehrle. 2K Sports Marketing Vice President, Jason Argent, wants to celebrate and highlight the first person who will achieve a perfect game in their new iteration of the popular sports game series. The game is due out March 2nd.

“You don’t see too many perfect games thrown in MLB 2K, but we’ve seen it happen. Our goal is to celebrate and highlight Major League Baseball 2K10’s superior pitching and hitting mechanics this season, while also giving one of our loyal fans the thrilling opportunity to be rewarded with a lot of money.”

There are a few rules that you need to follow to be able to collect the million dollars. First, you need to play the game in MLB Today Mode. Second, you have to record the whole game. The rest will go down in history with Twin Galaxies and the Guinness Book of World Records. Read below for the full set of rules.