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Guitar Hero Gets the Axe

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Is Guitar Hero now axed from your party game playlist?

(CNN) – The stock price for Activision Blizzard hit a sour note Thursday, the day after the video game company said it was abandoning “Guitar Hero” and focusing on battle games such as “Call of Duty.”

“Due to continued declines in the music genre, the company will disband Activision Publishing’s Guitar Hero business unit and discontinue development on its “Guitar Hero” game for 2011,” said Activision, in its fourth-quarter earnings statement Wednesday.

241Email Print Shares were down 10% Thursday after the company posted its quarterly earnings and released its forecast for 2011, which was below what analysts were expecting.

Investors may not be happy, but analysts say the company is making a move that’s necessary to stay competitive.

“These guys are smart and they realized that the packaged goods business is going away,” said said Todd Mitchell, analyst for Kaufman Brothers, referring to games such as “Guitar Hero,” which is loaded via a compact disc and uses mock plastic guitars. “They want to shift to a digital model. It was a choice they made to exit businesses they felt were subpar profitable.”

Despite its brand recognition, “Guitar Hero” sales have been on the decline, said Mitchell. So Activision is focusing on games such as “Call of Duty” and “World of Warcraft,” which can be played online against online opponents.

A few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine “Guitar Hero” getting ditched. The game took the video game industry by storm after it was launched in 2005, reaching $1 billion in sales within a 26-month span, according to Activision.

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Guinness releases book of videogame records

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Will we see your record for most number of Monster drinks downed while playing Freebird on Guitar Hero?

(Reuters) – The most perfect virtual bowler, the most swearing in a videogame and the most popular game on Facebook are just some of the records listed in the 2011 gamer’s bible of wacky achievements from Guinness World Records.

The new “Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition” published on Thursday features an array of record holders from pensioners to schoolchildren, demonstrating the extent to which people from all walks of life have embraced videogames.

“Gaming has become a hugely important part of popular culture and this year’s Gamer’s Edition reflects just that,” said Guinness World Records Gaming Editor Gaz Deaves.

The oldest gamer to make the book is 85 year-old John Bates from Onalaska, Wisconsin. The former high school principal became hooked on Nintendo’s Wii Bowling and went on to achieve the Most Perfect Games on Wii Sports Bowling (2,850).

At the other end of the age spectrum is nine-year-old Ryota Wada from Tokyo, who has been recognized as the Youngest Gamer to Achieve a Perfect ‘AAA’ score on music videogame Dance Dance Revolution.

Mitsugu Kikai, 25, from Tokyo is recognized for having the largest collection of memorabilia related to videogame character Super Mario (5,400 individual items) and Annie Leung from San Francisco is featured for achieving the highest score on Guitar Hero 3 for a female (789,349 points).

Other records include the most swearing in a videogame, the most people to sing to a karaoke videogame and the most popular game on Facebook, which is FarmVille with 60 million monthly active users.

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Get your licks, on Guitar Hero 6

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Gene Simmons to be the voice of GH 6!

(Gamespot) – In February, Activision said it was throttling back on production of rhythm games for 2010, reducing the release slate to DJ Hero 2 and a single entry in the proper Guitar Hero line. Gamers might have assumed that latter effort would be Guitar Hero 6, but new product listings on GameStop and suggest otherwise.

According to the retailers, Activision’s next foray into the music-game genre will be titled Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock when it is released on September 19. Both outfits have listed three SKUs for Warriors of Rock. They include a Standard version ($60 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii), a Guitar Bundle ($100 for each of the three systems), and a Super Bundle ($180 across the board).

Interestingly, the retailer listings suggest Activision has actually expanded its rhythm game plans from earlier this year. Activision Publishing president Michael Griffith told investors that 2010 would see fewer than 10 stock-keeping units (SKUs) in the Hero franchise, but the Warriors of Rock listings consist of nine SKUs on their own. Even if DJ Hero 2 is only available as a stand-alone game, that would put the SKU count at 12, assuming the record-scratching rhythm game comes out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

As for Warriors of Rock, the game’s subtitle may give some indication as to the game’s direction. In April, KISS frontman Gene Simmons proclaimed himself to be “the voice” of Guitar Hero 6, and with the term Warrior slapped on the game’s box, his storied musical career fits snugly into that description. The name also calls to mind Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, the first entry in the series to feature celebrity likenesses in-game.

It’s Van Halen, not Van Hagar.

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
We don't see Sammy, maybe he's an unlockable?

We don't see Sammy, maybe he's an unlockable?

2009 will be attack of the rhythm nation, we’ll see Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero, Band Hero, and Guitar Hero: Van Halen. With all of these titles hitting the storefronts, the publisher wants to give its games as much room to breathe as possible.

September 1st starts Activision’s rhythm game gauntlet with Guitar Hero 5′s, and today the publisher tells GameSpot it will end with the North American launch of Guitar Hero: Van Halen on December 22. The game is set for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and PlayStation 2 and previously had only been given a “second half of 2009″ launch window.

Like the Metallica and Aerosmith dedicated Guitar Hero games before it, Guitar Hero: Van Halen will feature 25 tracks from the hard rock group, as well as three playable solos by its famed guitarist, Eddie Van Halen. The game will also feature 19 other musical acts, including Queen, Weezer, Blink 182, The Offspring, and Queens of the Stone Age.

And looks like Mr. Hagar better drive faster than 55 to catch up because he totally got left out of this GH title (funny trombone sound).

The complete Guitar Hero: Van Halen set list: “Ain’t Talkin Bout Love”, “And the Cradle Will Rock”, “Atomic Punk”, “Beautiful Girls”, “Cathedral” (solo), “Dance the Night Away”, “Eruption” (solo), “Everybody Wants Some”, “Feel Your Love Tonight”, “Hang ‘Em High”, “Hear About it Later”, “Hot for Teacher”, “Ice Cream Man”, “I’m the One”, “Jamie’s Cryin”, “Jump”, “Little Guitars”, “Loss of Control”, “Mean Street”, “Panama”, “Pretty Woman”, “Romeo Delight”, “Running with the Devil”, “So This is Love”, “Somebody Get Me a Doctor”, “Spanish Fly” (solo), “Unchained”, and “You Really Got Me”.


Now your Xbox Live Avatar can rock!

Friday, July 31st, 2009


Activision rhythm rocker will allow use of virtual alter egos as playable characters on Microsoft’s console.

(Gamestop) – Yesterday, Activision revealed the last batch of tunes from Guitar Hero 5′s 85-song setlist, but the publisher has plenty left to talk about with its upcoming rhythm game. For example, Activision today confirmed that the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 5 will incorporate Microsoft’s user-customized avatars.

In addition to the roster of Guitar Hero staples, such as Axel Steel and the army of create-a-character options, Xbox 360 players will be able to play as their avatars onstage, whether it’s behind a guitar, drums, or microphone. Don’t expect the avatars to indulge in a rock-and-roll lifestyle, though. The restrictions Microsoft imposes on how its gamer proxies are portrayed in XBL Indie games presumably apply to standard third-party publishers as well.

As with last year’s Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero 5 lets gamers accompany playable tunes on the guitar, bass, drums, or microphone. The publisher is also lifting the restriction on the one-instrument, one-player rules that have defined the series. Instead, rhythm rockers will be able to use any combination of instruments for any given song, with Activision giving the example of two guitars and two sets of drums rocking out together.

Guitar Hero 5 will be available September 1 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Wii.

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Activison loses spelling bee on new Guitar Hero game.

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
Uh, we vote that Lars Ulrich rallys for a reprint!

Uh, we vote that Lars Ulrich rallys for a reprint!

Oops: “Guitar Hero: Metallica” Cover Art Misspells Lynyrd Skynyrd

(Rolling Stone) – The cover has been unveiled for the anxiously awaited Guitar Hero: Metallica, and the artwork pumps up the contributions of all the bands not named Metallica featured in the game, like Judas Priest, Alice in Chains, Queen, and Lynyrd… Skynrd (check the left-center). Sadly, it seems the Southern rock heroes have lost a Y in their band name — haven’t they lost enough already? Even the (properly) misspelled Mercyful Fate get their name handled correctly, and the oft-mangled Mastodon pass the fact-checking test. It doesn’t mean that Skynyrd’s bluesy kiss-off “Tuesday’s Gone” will be any less fun to play, though.

It’s also been announced that Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister will make an appearance as an animated character in the game, so players can gargle along with “Ace of Spades” without having to see a spiky-haired punk rock caricature singing it onscreen. There are also multiple songs featuring the facepaint-loving King Diamond, so there’s even money on him making an appearance, as well.

Metallica’s biggest songs are represented in the track list (”Enter Sandman,” “Sad But True,” “One”), but there are also a few old gems thrown in for the diehards, including “Dyers Eve,” “The Shortest Straw” and “Hit the Lights,” the first song the band ever wrote and released. The XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game — which will be sold stand-alone, so players will already need the rest of the Guitar Hero gear — will be released on March 29.

Guitar Hero aint no sweet child ‘o’ mine.

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose Growls About Guitar Hero

This is my Jungle baby!

This is my Jungle baby!

 (PC World) – Shame on Activision for poaching Guns N’ Roses songs in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. That’s band frontman Axl Rose’s testy take in a sprawling missive delivered at band fan site According to Rose, Activision used GnR songs inappropriately and without proper authorization. While he’s doesn’t lay out any legal particulars, his “it’ll take some sorting” comment has bloggers in a tizzy.

In the post, Rose explains that former GnR guitarist Slash‘s appearance in Activision’s Guitar Hero series doesn’t bother him…

…unless it’s being done at my expense…or to keep him associated [with GnR] as in Guitar Hero. Him being Guitar Hero’s fine but not when Activision is using Jungle , having Yahoo use Sweet Child unauthorized, claims no involvement with Slash, his or anyone’s image or VR or anyone or anyone’s music in either camp in promotion or commercials etc. I wasn’t broadsided. I read about it as it moved along but Activision continually denied it right up to the release. That’s some low life chicanery on all their parts.

Yes Slash was in Guns and on Jungle (and the whole I came to him for his riff is as much crap as him saying he brought Locomotive and Coma in as complete songs) and he has rights to perform it but not to be represented in this context in association with Guns. And since they weren’t granted the license it’ll take some sorting.

Universal has Guns under contract but I own the name.

Rose and Slash don’t get along. Haven’t for years. Rose wants Slash to keep his mitts off GnR’s namesake, and Activision to get its song-usage certification papers sorted, apparently.

As if that wasn’t enough, Rose no longer wants to be a Pepper too. The singer and his band are hacked off over a botched deal with Dr. Pepper, wherein the soft drink manufacturer was to offer a free soda to every American if Chinese Democracy, the band’s new album, were released in 2008. The album made it out the door on November 23, but Dr. Pepper’s website reportedly malfunctioned during the 24 hour giveaway period.

Now you can Rock Band & Roll All Nite

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Gene Simmons to cash in on rock videogames

DENVER (Billboard) – Amid the flood of third-party instrument peripherals emerging for the new “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” music simulation games, God forbid if Gene Simmons would miss an opportunity to get his brand on.

The entrepreneurial Kiss bassist and reality TV star has created a replica of the bass he uses while touring, which is compatible with all PlayStation versions of both games. The Gene Simmons AXE Guitar is, yes, shaped like a battle axe, and includes Simmons’ superimposed autograph as well as his betongued likeness in full makeup.

It has a wireless range of up to 30 feet, two sets of fret buttons, and whammy and strum bars. It should be available November 15 from Hip Street for $80.


Monday, November 3rd, 2008

MTV and Activision face off
DENVER (Billboard) – Now that “Rock Band” publisher MTV Networks just scored the Beatles catalog for a new videogame, announced days after the October 26 release of Activision’s “Guitar Hero World Tour,” the stage is set for another battle of the bands between the two music-based game franchises.

MTV already has a “Rock Band” release featuring AC/DC, and Activision has a “Guitar Hero” game with Aerosmith and another in the works for Metallica. But the Beatles catalog is the biggest “get” in the game world, and both MTV and Activision spent the better part of a year courting Apple Corps, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and EMI Music Group, the trifecta holding the various rights to the Beatles catalog. MTV ultimately won, thanks to a combination of past innovation and music business credibility.

“MTV was clearly the innovator in offering a full-band experience,” Apple Corps CEO Jeff Jones said on the conference call unveiling the partnership.

None involved would discuss the specific terms of the deal, but sources hinted that MTV showed more flexibility than Activision, whose CEO, Bobby Kotick, has said that the music industry should be paying for the opportunity to have music included in “Guitar Hero.”

“It was presented as if they were doing the music business a favor,” Sony/ATV CEO Martin Bandier said. “It’s true you can choose other types of music, and somewhere along the line someone’s going to do it for free for the exposure … When it comes to the Beatles, the leverage changes. We’re very happy with the terms of our arrangement with MTV.

New Guitar Hero Axe $249.99…huh? Yeah.

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

PC Magazine
Logitech is a brand name that most people are familiar with, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that they have decided to try their hand with creating premium music peripherals.

When Logitech announced its Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 versions of the “Guitar Hero” franchise, we did not bat an eye. That is, until we saw the thing.

The first premiere peripheral has been licensed by Activision for all Guitar Hero games, including the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. The controller features metal frets and peg handles, a rosewood fingerboard, and a wooden neck, and it is wireless, of course. The authentic look and feel of the guitar is rounded out by the one-piece contoured shape with a sleek and shiny crimson body.

In addition, rubber dome technology has been introduced to the peripheral to cut down on fret noise, and a new touch-sensitive neck slider has been incorporated so that users will not always have to keep strumming. The slider can also be used to create a wide variety of sounds via World Tour’s Music Studio. It will take two AA batteries to power the guitar, and it comes complete with a “gig bag” so it won’t get scratched up during transport should you decide to take it out of the house. The gig bag includes space for your discs and wireless receivers as well.

Charles Huang, vice president of business development for Red Octane, had this to say regarding the announcement:

“With this new controller, Logitech is giving Guitar Hero fans the opportunity to unleash their
inner rock stars in a new, authentic way.”

“Authentic” may be stretching it; it is, after all, not a real guitar. However, the price is pretty authentic. This baby will be going for a suggested retail price of $249.99. While that is one very sexy guitar, it’s just too bad it costs so damn much. But really, how much is too much when you want to be the coolest faux-shredder on the block?

Start scrimping now, write a letter to Santa, or start relentlessly begging your parents, because the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition will be hitting select retail stores in December — just in time for Christmas.