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Much more in the Halo franchise, including Master Chief

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
Halo: Uprising #3 Cover

Halo: Uprising #3 Cover by Marvel

For those Halo fans out there, we here at Busy Gamer are getting the buzz that plenty of things are coming in the future for the first person shooter sci-fi series.

Halo franchise development director has announced two new Halo comic series for 2009 (in addition to The Halo: Uprising #4 coming out March 18, which closes the gaps on activities between Halo 2 and Halo 3). Marvel has stated that two new working titles are ‘Halo: Hell Jumpers’ about the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and ‘Halo: Spartan Black’, tales of a team of Spartans.

The ODST comic arriving this summer will be stories of the Shock Trooper Team who are known for their “Navy Seal” type skills, according to O’connor. These ass whoopers will be the focus of the next Halo game “Halo 3: ODST” (a first person shooter taking place just after Halo 2 and before Halo 3).

O’Connor says:

“(this game) is significantly more than an add-on. It’s a lot of game. You play the game through the point of view of an ODST. They are dropped into combat from orbit. They have a rivalry with the Spartans that is well known to the fans of the fiction. We finally let you into their boots as it were. …It’s kind of a detective story in a way. But it is much more action-packed than that.”

O’Connor also added penetrating words regarding our favorite main character, “I doubt we have seen the last of Master Chief.”

So as if your Halo wish list was not full already, it ought to be full as hell by now.


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Hey Chief, did you get your early invite?

Monday, January 26th, 2009
Halo Wars Demo 02.05.09

Halo Wars Demo 02.05.09

Microsoft has generously handed out 25 early invites to the highly anticipated ‘Halo Wars’ Demo to the Major League Gaming organization. Winning one of the invites will allow you to play the demo one week early (January 29), which is currently set to release February 5.

So how do you win one? You’ll have to hop on over to the official MLG site, sign up to the forums and post in this thread. The winners will be chosen randomly and only one post will affect your eligibility (so spamming comments won’t increase your chance of being picked).

Halo Wars is an upcoming real-time strategy video game set in the Halo universe featuring races, weapons and vehicles from the previous Halo series.

IGN Xbox Team has ranked Halo Wars as their 7th most anticipated game of E3 2008.

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