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Homeland Security, Security Warnings, Facebook, and Twitter

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Yeah, there's no potential for misunderstandings here...

One of the stories making its way around the web this morning is that of the Associated Press obtained a draft by the Homeland Security Department for a plan that would reduce the current five color terror alert system and replace it with only two levels of warnings, elevated and imminent.

It would also allow for the use of Facebook and Twitter to relay terror warnings to the public.

Does anyone else see problems with the last bit of this plan?

The document itself is reportedly marked “For Official Use Only??? and is dated April 1st. Taking that into consideration, it is possible (in my mind) that someone may have been pulling a fast one within the office. That’s my hope, at least, where the use of Facebook and Twitter are concerned in regards to relaying information or warnings to the public at large.

There’s not only the potential for abuse by prank playing co-workers (as the graphic hints at) but there’s also the fact that many people have a hard time believing anything they may read on Twitter or Facebook as being actual fact. There are those of us who just assume anything related to world news via those mediums is a prank or someone trying to get a rise out of their friends.

Plus, seriously, how do you actually go about getting fans or followers for a Homeland Security account?

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