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Meet Our First Gamette Of 2011, Little Miss Liv

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Little Miss Liv by Clem KellerWell, due to some scheduling issues (mainly hangovers and too much late night WoW), we’re a little late on introducing the first Gamette of 2011… an oversight we’d love to apologize for but we think once you meet her, you’ll be willing to let us off the hook.

Little Miss Liv is no stranger to nerdom and professes a love for all things zombie and a distinct desire to run with the Hulk should they ever actually get it together and cause that whole Zombie Apocalypse thing they’ve been plotting for years now.

Harboring a not-so-secret crush for the NES game console and MIDI soundtracks, we’re fairly certain Little Miss Liv is going to blend in just fine with the rest of the geeks… except she’ll be the one sporting the Harley Quinn costume and making it look good.

So, without further ado and just in time to be an early Valentine’s Day gift from us to you, we are proud to introduce our readers to Little Miss Liv.

What is your current favorite game right now?
Well, I currently have 3 favorite games that I have been cracking out on. 1st would be Worms 2: Armageddon. The reason I LOVE this game is because I love blowing worms up and it actually takes some thinking and strategy. Now that being said, I am also completely addicted to Plants VS. Zombies. I don’t know what it is about this game but it is such a happy game! I love the disco zombies!! I would love to dance and eat brains! The last game which I just honestly discovered 2 days ago is ZOMBIES on COD! I LOVE ZOMBIES! I guess I have anger problems or something ’cause I love killing shit. :P

We hear you like dressing up as comic book and fantasy characters…
I love Harley Quinn, she’s hands down the best! She is the craziest, sexiest FREAK EVER! She is a lot like me (I decided that if I ever have a little girl, I’m naming her Harley Quinn, HAHA). But really I love dressing up like any fantasy or comic book characters. My dream job would be to get paid to go to conventions and dressing up like sexy characters. My life would truly be complete. <3

You get to be someone, real, fictional, or otherwise for one day. Who is it and why?
Michael Jackson, because I like touching little boys, too…. JUST KIDDING! If I could be anyone for a day, I would be Superman! But with tits… so I guess SuperWoman. LOL I think it would be awesome that I could fly anywhere in the world and not have to pay for over priced airplane tickets or go through security check points. Just the fresh air in my face as I fly to a tropical island.

What can the geeky man do to get your attention and keep it?
I love it when guys talk geeky to me. Start talking to me about games or technology and I am hooked. I worked as a tech agent for T-Mobile and then Google for years and was completely in my element there. Tech Geeks EVERYWHERE! It was heaven!

After looking at some of your pics, we have a sudden fondness for fuzzy leg warmers. Is this normal?
Absolutely! ‘Cause I have quite the fondness for them as well :P .

Complete this thought: “There comes a time in every man’s life when he must…”
“Get belligerently drunk, light his fist on fire with rubbing alcohol, and scream ‘Falcon Punch’ while striking his nemesis in the face.”

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