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‘Reach’ing for New Details

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Are you ready to Reach for the next Halo title?

ODST came out last fall and blew away all fans of the favored Microsoft franchise, but that was last year; Halo: Reach is SO this year! Game Informer has a Reach as their cover game for their February magazine and now someone has gotten their copy so its time to see what the article brings to the table of new information and pictures.

Bungie has officially released information about the article in a forum that was posted on Exclusive to magazine readers? Not so much, but we’ll help spread all the new announcements and enhancements around. Depending on what kind of Halo player you are, you might be thrilled to hear that the spike and flame grenades have vanished from the playing field making the obviously dominant grenades, frag and plasma, the only grenades to find in Halo: Reach. Contrary to popular belief, Halo: Reach will not follow Fall of Reach’s storyline.

Like the idea of archaic battles with over 30 enemies in a combat situation? Well Bungie will take those 30 enemy AI and raise you 20 AI vehicles and another 10 enemies on screen at the same time. Epic battles AHOY! Speaking of epic, you’ll be able to battle your way through a revival of what seems to be a squad based remake of Halo: Combat Evolved. With marines looking similar to that of the marines in the original title and the health bar returning, this game will either finish the epicness of the Halo Franchise or project it into a new generation of Halo fans.