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Microsoft wants to bury the iPhone this month

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Just a hunch, but I'm sure iPhone has more HP's.

(Reuters) – Last month, a few hundred Microsoft Corp employees acted out their fantasy with a mock funeral for Apple Inc’s iPhone at its Redmond, Washington campus.

The bizarre gathering, which morphed into a spirited Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance routine, marked the completion of its Windows Phone 7 software, and showed how badly Microsoft wants to resurrect itself in the viciously competitive phone market.

The new software, which will be publicly unveiled on October 11 and expected on handsets in stores by November, is Microsoft’s last chance, some analysts say, to catch up with Apple and Google Inc’s Android smartphones, after squandering its strong market position in only a few years.

A group of smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and HTC Corp are expected to roll out Microsoft-based phones for the holiday season.

Whether they will be good enough to render the iPhone obsolete is the question.

“The product can’t be an also-ran that just does everything that is already out in the marketplace,” said Bryan Keane, an analyst for Alpine Mutual Funds, which holds Microsoft shares. “Right now, it isn’t apparent that Windows 7 is better than anything that’s out there, except that it might have a better tie-in to the actual Windows platform.”

By the admission of Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, the company “missed a generation” with Windows Mobile, its last phone operating system, which floundered while the iPhone and Android roared past with sumptuous touch screens and a host of new applications.

Microsoft is now fourth in the fast-growing U.S. market for smartphone operating systems with a share of less than 12 percent, according to research firm comScore, behind BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion Ltd, Apple and Google.

Steve Jobs won’t be Flash-ing iPhone users any time soon…

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

"No, I'm not exposing myself... Oh, *that* kind of Flash. Nah, that ain't happening either."

Apple and Adobe haven’t been getting along in the recent past. Steve Job’s exclusion of any ability to run Flash on the iPhone seemed like an oversight at first but with the announcement of the new OS to be launched, the lack of Flash support seemed more of a deliberate jab at Adobe’s web software.

Today, Jobs made sure to clarify that point. It wasn’t a jab at Adobe. It was an uppercut.

Earlier today, Jobs said outright that there were no plans to support Flash on the iPhone or Ipad and that in fact, the software was too buggy and power intensive to be used on the portable devices. He also stated that Flash was designed for “PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers”.

To further emphasize the point, Jobs stated that Flash was no longer a necessary vehicle to watch video or for use with web content pointing out that thousands of companies producing hundreds of thousands of apps for Apple’s touch devices was proof of that.

There may be some validity to Jobs’ points, in fact, many of his arguments make perfect sense. But could this current announcement be due to a more deeply lain issue? Users of Apple’s desktop computers will tell you that the updates for Flash for the Apple OS were few and far between. One of the most common quotes from Adobe to Apple users was that a “patch is on the way”. And now that Apple is now currently in place to become the largest provider of mobile devices, could this be Jobs’ way of getting a bit of revenge?

Far be it from me to say that Jobs is vindictive but recent developments may prove he is. Jobs had initially offered the iPhone to Verizon and they turned it down (I wonder if the guy who made that decision still has a job at Verizon? Oopsie). And now that the iPhone is now the top selling mobile device in the world (RIM holds the top spot in overall devices sold but no single Blackberry model comes close to the iPhone in popularity) and Verizon’s interest is peaked, talks about producing a device for the Verizon network seem to be on permanent hiatus.

If any company in the world is poised to single handedly destroy a software or application, it would certainly be Apple. A far cry from the days when Apple was on its way to extinction back in 1997. Anyone remember the 150 million dollar investment Microsoft made that year? And then Apple comes back better than ever? Chew on that, conspiracy theorists…

Certainly we have seen the effects that Apple has on the industry. Even before the iPad was released, several major corporations began making their web pages less Flash intensive and more Apple friendly. That alone indicates the impact Apple has on the industry as a whole.

At this time, Adobe has yet to respond to Steve Jobs’ statement.

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