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Merry Xmas from !

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

We had a blast working with all of you this year!

Welcome to, Miss Metro!

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Miss Metro - Our newest BusyGamer Gamette

Hey, folks and fans! We know it’s been awhile, with us tending to our busy, busy lives here at, but we have obligations to fill on the interwebs! And one of those obligations is to continue delivering some of the hottest gaming gals out there to you. Yeah, in all your geekdom, and all of their’s, too, of course. Our latest installment hails all the way from Canada (our first out of the country girl and really out of this world, too!). Say hello to the mighty Miss Metro and check out the sexy set she delivered.

Facebook Apps: Good times or waste of time? Explain.
Waste of time, I’m sick of silly reminders to feed so-and-so’s cows before they starve. Seems silly to me. I’ll play Harvest Moon and feed my own cows thank you!

What popular Trekkie phrase was actually never uttered on the show or any of the movies? “Beam me up, Scotty” for the win.

Multiple choice!!! Finish the following Star Wars statement. Don’t worry, your Internet cred won’t go down if you miss it… HA!“I’ve got a bad _____ _____ _____.”

A.“Case of Hemorrhoids”
B.“Ass Red Camaro”
C.“Feeling About This”
D. None of the above. They actually say the “blank” three times.

C, though D would be WAY funnier.

If you’re playing Halo and standing over the corpse of an opponent while repeatedly pressing one button, what are you most likely doing?
Tea bagging your kill.

Finish the following Monty Python phrase for major geek points and a special place in out hearts… “Nobody expects _____ _____ _____!!!” “The Spanish Inquisition!” DOUBLE POINTS!

Read Miss Metro’s full interview and pictoral here!