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Sony wants you to “Move” to the PS3

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Image of the Sony "Move" provided by AP Photo/Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Sony unveiled its highly anticipated motion controller today in a direct challenge to the Nintendo Wii. Aptly named the “PlayStation Move”, it’s obvious that Sony is trying to lure gamers who may be ready to move from the Wii. The “Move” will be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera and the wireless controller can reportedly track a players’ body movements in addition to movements of the controller itself.

Scheduled for a Fall release, there has been no mention of exact pricing by Sony for the “Move” but it is rumored that the controller will be bundled with the Playstation Eye and one game for under $100. Consistently outsold by the Wii, Sony obviously hopes the “Move” will be a step in the right direction in gaining ground on Nintendo.

“Move”-compatible games are already in the works from major publishers like Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Square Enix.

With nothing new to report from Microsoft in regards to its own “Project Natal”, which reportedly combines a camera, depth sensor, microphone, and processor, it would seem Sony has one again got a jump on the software giant with the latest technology.

Whether they can maintain their lead once Microsoft and Nintendo respond to the “Move” with their respective technologies remains to be seen.

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