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How’s your real life Sho-Ryu-Ken?

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

(Gamespot) – Microsoft’s Kinect has another launch title, and one with a surlier disposition than the family-friendly lineup of fitness and action games already announced. Ubisoft today announced that it will launch Fighters Uncaged exclusively for the Xbox 360′s motion-sensing camera peripheral worldwide this November.

Developed by upstart AMA Studios, Fighters Uncaged pits players against a roster of a dozen underground fighters, allowing them to punch, kick, and yell to trigger 70 different attacks, combos, and super strikes. The game will feature three different leagues to conquer, upgradeable character skills, and 21 different environments in which to brawl. The game also includes a multiplayer mode allowing friends to virtually pummel one another, a tutorial mode to bring players up to speed, and novice and pro control schemes.

Based in Belgium, AMA Studios is a subsidiary of Ubisoft sister company Advanced Mobile Applications. It was founded last year with a focus on “creating AAA console games that redefine the way players control their in-game.

Get Kinect-ed.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

(Reuters) – Microsoft will sell its new Kinect motion-sensing gaming system for about $150 and also offer it in a package with the Xbox 360 videogame console when sales of the hands-free device start in November, the company said on Tuesday.

The price, omitted by Microsoft when it introduced Kinect at the E3 videogame conference in June, matches the preorder price that retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop and posted online weeks ago.

Kinect sales start on November 4, and Microsoft is sure to aim its marketing message at the owners of the more than 40 million Xbox 360 models that have already been sold. The sensor hardware will include a game, called “Kinect Adventures.”

Kinect’s camera-based system lets players control games with body and hand gestures and is seen as a means to spark sales momentum into the Xbox platform before the holiday season. The hopes are that it will lure new and casual players to the Xbox and steal customers from the rival Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3.

It remains to be seen if cost-conscious consumers and game fans, many of whom have already bought one or more of the consoles, will warm to the idea of spending hundreds more on new hardware, and Kinect-specific software that will cost about $50.

Project Natal moves into your living room in October

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

(Gamespot) – Since Project Natal was revealed at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Microsoft has been largely silent about it. Other than announcing the camera-based motion-sensing system would have a “world premiere” on Sunday, June 13–the day before Microsoft’s press briefing at this year’s E3, the Xbox 360 maker has only divulged it will ship this “holiday” season.

Apparently Microsoft considers Halloween a holiday, as an executive from the company has revealed Project Natal will launch worldwide in October. In an interview on Saudi Arabian state television’s Channel 2 captured last night by GamerTag Radio, the marketing manager of Microsoft Saudi’s Entertainment and Devices division, Syed Bilal Tariq, narrowed the launch date of the system.

“Project Natal will be launched in Saudi Arabia on the same date it will be launched in the world,” said Tariq. “That is going to be somewhere [sic] in October. We will be in a position to confirm the date after E3, which is in June. But definitely the date is going to be in October 2010.”

US Microsoft reps were less forthcoming than their Saudi counterparts, saying only, “As we confirmed earlier this year, Project Natal will launch this holiday. We have no further details to share at this time.”

Since Natal’s unveiling, Microsoft has been keen to play up the potential of the controller-free system while not talking about the games that use it. So far, the company has only revealed the virtual boy Milo, the role-playing game Fable III, the dodgeball game Ricochet, and an art game called Paint Party. Following a Los Angeles press event, screenwriter James Gunn (Slither, Dawn of the Dead) also let slip that boxing, football, and whitewater-rafting simulation games were in development for the system. Workout and yoga games are also rumored.

Project Natal : A video look see.

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

“Bam” Tsunoda talks about Microsoft’s Project Natal from E3. This is a really good video showing some of the possibilites of the new motion controller, including full body interactive games (Hmm?) and facial recognition for logging in with your avatar. As we see our XboX 360 will be getting smarter indeed. (No, it is not a tumah).


-BG Crew

Project Natal – Motion to Kill (the competition)

Monday, June 1st, 2009


(Mirror.Co.Uk) – Thought the Wii was the cutting edge of motion gaming? Think again. Microsoft just showed off a new technology called Project Natal that simply blows the Wii out of the water.

Natal’s motion control lets gamers take control of titles using their entire body. There’s simply no controller, you just walk up to the console and start playing. Movements are captured and understood, as are faces, expressions and voices. Natal can even recognise objects. Read on to see why this is the future of gaming, and should have Nintendo and Sony very, very scared.

Project Natal was introduced not just by Microsoft bigwigs, but by movie legend Stephen Spielberg and gaming supremo Peter Molyneux. That’s because it has the power to turn games into a true mass entertainment medium.

“Everybody loves movies, but the vast majority are too intimidated to pick up a controller,” explained Spielberg. “Despite the size of the industry 60% of households do not own a videogame console. The only way to bring interactive entertainment to everybody is to make the technology invisible.”

That’s exactly what Natal does. Sitting underneath the TV and containing cameras and microphones, the device can see you, and hear what you say. It recognises movements in 3D, and is smart enough to follow you around the room, tell the difference between you and other people on the sofa, and be controlled using anything from a fist to a fingertip.

Spielberg also let slip that he was only shown the Natal technology two months ago. This is seriously fresh, but that doesn’t mean it’s pie in the sky. Microsoft is showing the technology in action at E3, and we’ll be there for a play ourselves.

Development kits are also arriving with game makers today. So will you need a new Xbox to use Natal? Not at all. Microsoft says “Natal will work with every Xbox 360 we’ve sold and every xbox in the future. We can leap into the future of interactive entertainment without launching a new console.”

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