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PAX Prime: Tron: Evolution

Thursday, September 16th, 2010


The year was 1982. Imagine if you will a world where the Atari 2600 is King, the Commodore 64 has just launched, and Disney has created a movie with the best computer graphics ever seen on the Big Screen. If none of this is ringing a bell, you were either too young or not born yet. The movie I’m speaking of was Tron.

Yes, the graphics are crap now and the games it spawned from its vision of a computer generated world are dusty old relics that you can download to your Xbox 360 if you’re feeling nostalgic. That feeling lasts about all of three minutes when you realize how antiquated those graphics are. But the movie generated some of the best arcade games of the time and for that alone, we have to salute Disney. One of the better Intellivision games, “Tron: Deadly Discs”, which may have provided a means of competing with the more popular Atari 2600, came out the same year as the movie. Sadly, the home video game market would crash the next year and so the advances made in gaming wouldn’t see the insides of a home for several years to come.

The game “Tron 2.0” would come out some 21 years later and receive a mostly lukewarm reception by those who were not already a fan of the movie and the original games. It died a quiet and noble death before it really generated a lot of mainstream interest. But, somewhere, there must have been enough of a spark for Disney to determine a sequel of the Tron movie was in order and with it, a new game.

Tron: Evolution is the tie-in that will serve as the story bridge between the original Tron movie and its sequel coming out at the end of this year, Tron Legacy. In it, players assume the role of “Anon” (short for Anonymous, get it?) and journey through the computer world in order to… Well, that part we don’t know. The developers were tightlipped about the story line in order to prevent the inevitable spoilers that would end up online. There was mention by one of the attendees of missions directly from Flynn himself but a developer struck him down with a well thrown data disc and he derezzed before I could find out more. True story.