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Glass Joe, get ready for some King Hippo action!

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Send him home in a body bag!

Send him home in a body bag!

( – In December, Nintendo tipped its hand on its early-2009 lineup for the Wii and DS, revealing March launches for New Play Control Pikmin and Pokemon Platinum. Today, the publisher augmented that list with more specific windows for a handful of games, as well as for its highly anticipated handheld redesign.

Of note, Nintendo’s revamp of the classic NES boxer Punch-Out is now expected to arrive for the Wii during the first half of 2009. Though Sega and Platinum games had already confirmed Madworld for a March release, Nintendo today nailed down the stylized action game for a March 10 release. Nintendo also narrowed the release window for High Voltage Software’s anticipated Wii-exclusive shooter The Conduit, saying the game would arrive by June.

Lastly, the publisher also provided a small update on its latest hardware revision for the ultrapopular DS, which has sold 96.2 million units through the end of 2008. Nintendo now expects to launch the DSi in North America sometime this spring or summer. Unveiled in October and already available in Japan, the DSi is thinner than its predecessor and features 17 percent larger screens. The redesigned handheld also boasts two cameras.