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…and apparently God hates Nerds

Monday, July 26th, 2010

All Glory, indeed.

This past weekend, the nerds and geeks were in San Diego in full force for the San Diego Comic Con. It was a weekend filled with sneak previews, panels for upcoming movies, and, of course, comics. In other words, it was a perfectly innocent geeky weekend for those who attended the event. Of course, not every one who went was there for fun. Some people went to protest the event.

Yes, oddly enough the Westboro Baptist Church came out to protest the San Diego Comic Con.

If you’re not familiar with the Church and its leader Fred Phelps, their mission appears to be… hatemongering. They’ve made a name for themselves by picketing gay pride events (claiming “God hates Fags”) and the funerals of American soldiers (claiming they paid the ultimate price because the US harbors homosexuals) and pretty much saying that every bad thing that happens to the people of the United States is because we tolerate the sexual choices of our citizens.

In all honesty, I’m hesitant to mention the Church and its bigotry because I don’t want to give them any more press. But the reason I’m writing this is to commend the way the attendees of the Comic Con handled the protest. Instead of spewing hatred back at the people protesting, the attendees did just the right thing… They counter protested.

Whoa, whoa... Let's not get carried away.

Joining the Westboro Church members with signs of their own, the attendees made sure to dilute the message of hate the Phelps’ followers were preaching by using their own tactics against them. A chant of “What do we want? GAY SEX! When do we want it? RIGHT NOW!” as the counter protest got fully underway.

I’d like to congratulate the people of the Comic Con for choosing the perfect response to those who would otherwise undermine the spirit of the event by making the protest just another form of entertainment. Perhaps if more folks would use this form of mockery rather than reacting in anger, Westboro would lose it steam.

Although I may have to hunt down the “God Hates Jedis” sign wielder and have a talk with him…

Gritskrieg – End of Line

“Comic Con Girls” makes us happy

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Some of you might recognize the fact that we have a soft spot in our hearts here at for the hawt geek girls out there. We’re crazy about ‘em and they’re… well, they tolerate us for the most part. At least until we start talking about role playing. Yeah, maybe we should have been specific about it being pen and paper roleplaying but hey, we tried.

Among some of the fairer sex are those rare few who go to the Cons dressed up as their favorite characters and actually enjoy themselves. They know as much about the various geek genres as most of the guys and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. We fear them because they are of the female persuasion and yet are drawn to them for their beauty and their huge… collection of action figures.

They are the Comic Con Girls.

So when we caught wind of a new spoof video from the guys at Screen Team just in time for the San Diego Comic Con, we weren’t disappointed to find out that it was about one of our favorite subjects. There’s an intro by Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows (who you may recognize as our first and only “Gamette of the Day” back on April 1st) and in the first minute of the video, you get to see some lovely ladies dressed up as Super Girl, Wonder Woman, and Slave Leia (aka Action Flick Chick) so if you watch it for that alone, we won’t hold it against you. Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Dark Horse variant Domo at San Diego Comic Con

Monday, April 20th, 2009

(Press Release) – Dark Horse will offer attendees of this year’s Comic-Con International the chance to grab a special exclusive variant of their upcoming series of Domo “Qee” toys, a translucent variant produced in conjunction with Hong Kong based Toy2R. This special version will only be available at this year’s event, held in San Diego, from July 23-26, 2009.

The special 2” version of the lovable mascot turned iconic viral superstar from Japan’s NHK television network is growing in popularity in the United States. Dark Horse has been an early licensee of Domo, under the auspices of licensing agency Big Tent Entertainment, and has already produced sold-out limited editions of Domo as flocked vinyl figures, stationery, journals and sculpted magnet products.

The Domo Qee program, to be launched nationwide in August, is Dark Horse’s first try at the popular “blind box” or “mystery box” format. Individual figures are packed in small boxes; the only way to know which particular figure is inside a particular box is to purchase and open the box. In the Domo blind box assortment, figures are sold in counter displays of 15, and each display box of 15 figures is further packed into a master carton of four cases.

In addition, the boxes each contain one component of a “Build-A-Domo” clear transparent figure. When the correct six components are accumulated, the buyer can put together the complete bonus Domo. There will not be a “Build-A-Domo” component in the Comic-Con Exclusive figure.

“We presented a Comic-Con exclusive 5.5” Domo vinyl figure last year,” recalls Dark Horse VP of Product Development, David Scroggy, “and were blown away as all of the limited-edition sold out. This year, with an entirely new toy, we expect an even faster depletion of our Comic-Con stock. Since last year’s was a yellow variant, we chose the same color for the Qee toy.”

Starting from a very unusual place as an advertising icon, Domo’s unique look and personality has catapulted the character from 400 television spots in Japan into one of the Internet’s biggest sensations, sparking worldwide recognition. As the poster child for personalized, user-generated content, Domo has been able to transition from popularity within Japan to a worldwide following, spawning countless fan-made images, websites and videos, along with a first-ever licensed product line including plush, toys, fashion and collectibles selling at major trend retailers nationwide. Most recently, Domo has taken America by storm, being featured prominently at major retailers all over the U.S. and even starring in his first worldwide manga.

About Qee
Qee (pronounced “key”) is a collection of designer toys created by Hong Kong-based company Toy2R, which was founded by Raymond Choy in 1995. Qees are produced in limited numbers and are highly collectible. Many contemporary artists and designers from Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America have designed figures. Domo is the mascot of NHK television in Japan, and is breaking out worldwide as animation, toys, publishing and apparel.