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Shoryuken on your iPhone

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Better tape your iPhone to your hand for those special moves my friend..

(Gamespot) – While most of the Street Fighter news these days centers on the April 27 launch of Super Street Fighter IV for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Capcom is preparing one last hurrah for the original Street Fighter IV. The publisher has announced that starting next month, a version of GameSpot’s Best Fighting Game of 2009 will be available for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch systems.

Capcom claims the game is an “uncompromised” version of Street Fighter IV, with “a roster pulled from recent console releases, including several classic and newly introduced fighters.” The publisher did not say how many fighters would be included, and the handful of screens released for the mobile version only depicts series staples Ken, Ryu, and Guile.

Street Fighter IV for iPhone and iPod Touch will include a simplified control scheme with a virtual joystick and four attack buttons displayed on the screen. Despite the simplification, Capcom has said the game will still feature the expected assortment of fireballs and dragon punches, as well as cinematic supercombos akin to those of its console cousin.

Players will be able to customize the layout of controls, repositioning them on the screen and adjusting their transparency as needed. Beyond the standard single-player action, players will be able to enter a dojo training mode or take on friends via the system’s Bluetooth support.

Gritskriegs Top 5 Games of 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Cammy, your outfits rock! And welcome to our top 5!

What end of the year is complete without some sort of top 5? Initially, I was ready to do a top 5 based on times I lost my pants during 2009 but the rest of the Reckon Crew didn’t want to relive those moments. Can’t say I blame them either. So you get a Top 5 Video Games of 2009, and please, keep in mind that while we use the BG rating scale doesn’t mean all of the games on our top list are going to be Busy Gamer friendly…

#5: Street Fighter 4 – I know most people have been turned off by the Street Fighter franchise with its re-fitted, re-skinned, re-released titles in the past. Or at least I have been. Seriously, how many version of Street Fighter 3 did we see? Street Fighter 3 Turbo, Street Fighter 3 Really Fast Turbo, Street Fighter 3 Dance Dance Revolution, Street Fighter 3 Happy Fun Time Sunshine Edition… Okay, so I might have made some of those up but you get the picture. Fortunately for us, Capcom decided to take all of the things that made Street Fighter a great franchise, slap on some new graphics, and finally reward us for taking the time to learn some moves instead of just mashing the quick kick button over and over. Packed with some extra goodies and bringing back the old school flava, Street Fighter 4 gets my vote for one of the top games of 2009.

RE5, dead on at our number 4 spot! BANG!

#4: Resident Evil 5 – Yes, that came out this year, bitches. Your copy is probably sitting on a shelf collecting dust because you got the big gun after the second playthrough and you decided it wasn’t worth playing any more. Not me. I fire this game up at least once a month and find the time to shoot some Majini in the face… Gorgeous graphics, top notch voice acting, and a solid story made this a game to remember. Unsurprising that another sequel from Capcom barges into my top 5. Someone over at Capcom needs a raise.

Borderlands screams in at number 3!

#3: Borderlands – I’ll be honest, this game caught me off guard. When I first saw the ads for the game I thought we were seeing a Fallout 3 clone but that was not at all the case. Featuring four classes with customizable builds, a barren wasteland filled with strange beasties and roaming bands of lunatics, and some very funny voice acting, Borderlands caught my fancy with its mix of first person shooter and role playing elements. After all, how many games do you know of that give you a mission to wipe out a horde of midget psychos?

#2: Left 4 Dead 2 – Yeah, I liked the first one and I have to say the second one was done right. Not liking yerself some zombie killing is just downright un-American, I say. Delivering on the promise of more weapons, more action, and more undead, Left 4 Dead 2 built on the franchise by taking a different route and showing us a new band of survivors and their attempt to escape zombies. Now if it just had more Ellis and his stories of his buddy Keith…

#1: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Yeah, it’s another sequel. Sue me. Maybe 2009 was the year to put out game sequels… Modern Warfare 2 showed us CoD4 wasn’t a fluke and managed to live up to our expectations. We wanted more, we got more. Another action packed, fingernail biting single player campaign and had us defending American soil. More controversial content was available through the portion of the game that had us gunning down innocent civilians as we walked through an airport with a known terrorist. I thought I hated the guy for making me do that but then he shot me in the head. Jerk. Stunning visuals, realistic weaponry, and even more multi-player modes had me up late way too many times. And if that isn’t enough, I’ve got two words. Lance Henriksen. ’nuff said.

So, those are my picks for 2009. Here’s to 2010. Two more years till the world ends. Maybe we’ll see “Duke Nukem Forever” before then… Naaaaah.

Gritskrieg – End of Line

Super Street Fighter IV confirmed. Is that a pre-E-smackulation?

Monday, September 28th, 2009
Super SFIV New character Juri smackin the Bison, hehe.

Super SFIV New character Juri smackin the Bison, hehe.

Street Fighter IV is obviously ready for a follow up round. Seems kinda early for just a revamped not so ready for online new title from Capcom. We repeat, this is not a DLC add on but a ‘stand-alone revamp’.

The stand-alone game will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the Spring of 2010 with a handful of additions, including “about eight” returning or newly created characters, new Ultra Combos for the original Street Fighter IV cast, enhanced online play, balancing tweaks, and more.

This new SFIV game will not be compatible online with its predecessor. However, Capcom has said that the game won’t be a full-priced game (huh? how does that work? so like 29.99 – unlikely), and the publisher plans to offer a special bonus to gamers who already own Street Fighter IV (now we’re down with that, hopefully some new playables that wont cause you to throw your SF Tourney Edition fight stick across the room).


-BG Crew

Video Game figures, why can’t they get it right?

Friday, May 15th, 2009


I myself have been known to pick up a few action figures here and there. Ok ,maybe a lot. Well maybe I hide alot of it in my closet so that I don’t scare off new comers from my abode (but that’s not the point). Anyhow, if there is one category that always seems to get the short end of the stick it is video game characters. I’m not talking the pricey anime statues and such, I’m talking ‘put the cartridge in the damn Nintendo’ video game toys. Nearly every set of figs that come out having to do with games are always poorly done, or half ass, or have way too much articulation (that means hinged parts for you noobs). I’m not sure why they don’t hire gamers (whom are mostly in the know with toys) to pre screen these plastic turds that they try to pawn off on us for an over priced sticker.

Beyond that being said I’m here to talk about the new Street Fighter IV figures.

The Street Fighter IV Special Edition (SE) figures blew. Ryu looked awful, and Crimson Viper somehow managed to have a worse day. Now you would think Capcom wouldn’t make the same mistake twice right? Well, Capcom has unveiled the prototypes for their new line staring the SF characters we know and love. There’s Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and M. Bison (or Vega if you prefer) in their 1Player and 2Player colors. They look ok so far (the pre photos ALWAYS look better than the real deal), but some may still be plagued with the same shortcomings as their predecessors. They at least all have eyeballs this time. Ryu looks the best and Chun Li’s legs could crack a basket of walnuts, but Ken is STILL having a really bad hair day.

I don’t have too many game type action figures for this reason, they don’t know and/or don’t care enough about the end product. Which goes to say that they need ME on their team to pick the good ones, and let ME make a giant candle trash heap out of the bad ones. Cause I want vengence, for all the screwed up versons of Lara Croft figures companies have sold over the years. Take that. Yeah.

The SFIV set is coming out next month and will cost you 5500 yen for a box of 9, or just under $6.50 each. They are available for preorder at Hobby Link Japan.


-Crutchboy Out

Street Fighter IV vs. The BusyGamer

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
Gamette Mina Rose goes a few rounds with SF IV!

Gamette Mina Rose goes a few rounds with SF IV!

Capcom’s brilliant, high-profile combat fighter continues after a long awaited return! I’ve been quite skeptical about its gameplay and how it holds up, but then after seeing all of its high ratings, I knew I had to get a copy! After playing it non-stop all weekend, it gets my approval. I’m impressed! It’s one of the most enjoyable fighting games I’ve played to date and the graphics are amazing as well!

It still has its 2D combat mode but all of the characters and fighting planes are 3D! Street Fighter IV kept all of the best components of the old school version but it’s definitely evolved for today’s gaming standards. It’s also approachable for newcomers, yet it still has all of the old references we’ve grown to love from nearly 20 years ago! When playing there are a lot of different ways to go about beating your opponent and a lot of tactic involved (if you choose).

Mina Rose - Gamette 2009

Mina Rose - Gamette 2009

You can fight with technique which is also something you’re rated on in the game. You have various gauge meters that go up, and can allow you to do special combo attacks. There’s the Super and Ultra meter. Once they hit their highest points and begin flashing, your character has a melee attack you can use. You can also ignore that and simply “button mash” to your heart’s content. It gets the job done as well. Whether or not you’re interest in technique, you’ll enjoy this game fully! I recommend it to everyone!

How does Street Fighter IV rate on the BusyGamer scale? Mina Rose gave it a 4 out of 5.

Thanks for reading,
Mina Rose

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