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Wife or Orc? Man forced to choose.

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Orc breakups are messy.

Robert Cushnie, 42, had some big decision making to make last week when his spouse forced him to choose between his geekyness over her ladyness. Canadian wife Dee, 42, asked him to please get rid of his 6 foot tall World of Warcraft-ish ‘Orc’ statue that had shared a home with him for 6 years, or she was high tailing it back to her homelands without him.

The late night telecommunications manager explained “It came down to the wife or the Orc, she said there wasn’t any room for him in our life. I’ve had him for six years but Dee means more to me, so he had to go.”

Dee says: “I just don’t like it. I’m only 5ft 3in, so it towers over me, which is quite creepy.”

So now distraught Robert, of Aberdeen, has been forced to have his giant toy that he acquired from a Falkirk toy shop adopted.

Dee and Robert married last February and will move to Canada later this month, without the Orc statue. The Orc was able to find a good home with Aberdeen’s Michael Thomson, 61, and GOOD wife Patricia, 55 (we named her that).

Robert quotes: “I’ll miss him – but I’m glad he’s gone to a good home.”

We at strongly discourage this type of radical behavior and should be avoided at all costs. In the event that you run across this hurdle, please mail us all of your wife/husband hated nerd paraphernalia. We will honorably put them to use at our partys, events and social drinking engagements.


Sonic goes metal for San Diego.

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
Metal Sonic JUVI

Metal Sonic JUVI

Toy company Jazwares is going to be releasing a San Diego Comic Con Special Edition Metal Sonic JUVI (Jazwares Urban Vinyl) for California’s convention next month. This Comic-Con exclusive features a “metallic??? finish on the never before seen fan favorite character, Metal Sonic! Limited figures will be available for $17 at SDCC (July 23-26) at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) and online beginning July 23 at

Although our immediate staff won’t be attending San Diego Comic Con this year, be sure and look for a few of the Gamettes storming the halls like Hailey Bright and Miss Jinx. Flag them down, hoot and holler, and give them a BG high five!


-BG Crew

Video Game figures, why can’t they get it right?

Friday, May 15th, 2009


I myself have been known to pick up a few action figures here and there. Ok ,maybe a lot. Well maybe I hide alot of it in my closet so that I don’t scare off new comers from my abode (but that’s not the point). Anyhow, if there is one category that always seems to get the short end of the stick it is video game characters. I’m not talking the pricey anime statues and such, I’m talking ‘put the cartridge in the damn Nintendo’ video game toys. Nearly every set of figs that come out having to do with games are always poorly done, or half ass, or have way too much articulation (that means hinged parts for you noobs). I’m not sure why they don’t hire gamers (whom are mostly in the know with toys) to pre screen these plastic turds that they try to pawn off on us for an over priced sticker.

Beyond that being said I’m here to talk about the new Street Fighter IV figures.

The Street Fighter IV Special Edition (SE) figures blew. Ryu looked awful, and Crimson Viper somehow managed to have a worse day. Now you would think Capcom wouldn’t make the same mistake twice right? Well, Capcom has unveiled the prototypes for their new line staring the SF characters we know and love. There’s Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and M. Bison (or Vega if you prefer) in their 1Player and 2Player colors. They look ok so far (the pre photos ALWAYS look better than the real deal), but some may still be plagued with the same shortcomings as their predecessors. They at least all have eyeballs this time. Ryu looks the best and Chun Li’s legs could crack a basket of walnuts, but Ken is STILL having a really bad hair day.

I don’t have too many game type action figures for this reason, they don’t know and/or don’t care enough about the end product. Which goes to say that they need ME on their team to pick the good ones, and let ME make a giant candle trash heap out of the bad ones. Cause I want vengence, for all the screwed up versons of Lara Croft figures companies have sold over the years. Take that. Yeah.

The SFIV set is coming out next month and will cost you 5500 yen for a box of 9, or just under $6.50 each. They are available for preorder at Hobby Link Japan.


-Crutchboy Out