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Gamers United 2009 – Donating Games For a Good Cause

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Rock On, Gamers

To get into the perfect holiday season mood, what better way than to donate to a great cause? Last Wednesday, I was invited to go to the Gamers United event in LA at the Custom Hotel. A list of gaming and nerd culture celebs were there which includes Carlos Ferro, who played Dom from the Gears of War franchise. With over 100 games donated to the UCLA Hospital for the youth recreational area, the event was a pure success and I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

The event was all fun and games especially since I had to grab a couple of interviews from different voice artists. I grabbed interviews with Jeff Rector, Jennifer Hale, Greg Berger and Spike Spencer. Let’s jump into the funniest interview that I had: Spike Spencer


Jeff Rector and Spike Spencer

‘I did not f*** that sheep.’ Truly, the weirdest thing anyone has said to me to end an interview. With his latest work being Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, Spike always keep himself busy whether it be VO work for games or animation of different assortments. Spike claims that this new series is better than some of the stuff is on Adult Swim. I suggest that you all check the link to catch on the series. For those who are wondering what Spike is known for, he has VO’d as Hanataro Yamada from the anime: Bleach.


Busy Gamer’s Top 5′s of 2008

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

We love this time of year. Everyone is putting out lists…. The best reality shows of the year, the best video games of the year, and yes… especially the best (and worst) movies of the year.

So without further ado… Here’s Busygamer’s picks… brought to you by BG’s biggest jerk. Timothy Danger.
(Keep in mind that a total nerd picked these out.)

The Best 5 movies of 2008

The first part of this movie has no dialogue, but it is pure poetry in motion. Ahh to be a young single robot.

Iron Man
Forget the Bat. Forget that awful 3rd spiderman movie, Iron Man raised the bar and made the definitive super hero movie so far. Captain America has a lot to live up to.

Hellboy 2
The best comic book sequel this year. The monsters alone are worth the rental price.

Step Brothers
We love comedy. We love Will and John. Anytime someone wears a Chewbacca mask for the sake of just wearing one, we are there.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Forgetting Sara Marshall
This movie is like my last breakup, only this movie is funny and it takes place in Hawaii. The Dracula musical alone is worth checking out.

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Clone Wars
Yeah we know… it’s too much of a kiddie film right? Guess what hotshot… Star Wars is for kids, not 40 year old virgins living in their parents basement, so get over it, join the party, be a kid again or get out of the Star Wars boat, we’ll have fun without you. You were a kid once, remember the magic of the movies before you started collecting your action figures by the case.

The Worst 5 movies of 2008

The Happening
I’m a huge M. Night fan, but he pushed it. This was by far one of the worst movies ever, and I stand up for this dude any other time.

“Star Wars??? for girls. This isn’t about vampires really. It’s about teenage love with fake vampires. What’s up with Edward’s hair? The perfect example of how Americans will buy anything force fed them.

Transporter 3
Jason Statham movies are a guilty pleasure. We dig the fight scenes, and there is usually hot chicks around, but this movie was a little too much of an “Escape from New York??? rip off.

All Star Cast, All Star art failure. Some scenes are downright hard to watch.

Saw 5
‘Nuff said
Movies that we thought were going to be awesome, but let us down
Dark Knight
The Punisher
(See our reviews)

Movies we thought would suck, but weren’t that bad
Bangkok Dangerous (A Nick Cage movie I didn’t walk out on!)
Deathrace (Statham is a guilty pleasure. It’s kung fu only with cars.)
Rambo (Stallone is old… But still a jerk. Count the body explosions.)

Movies That Were Pretty Good After We Went Home And Thought About It
Pineapple Express
Seven Pounds