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BG’s Top 5 Games of 2010

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Iíd have to say that 2010 was a hell of a year. Iím almost sorry to see it end with all of the fun we had this past year but I can honestly say 2011 is already shaping up to be another great year.

Weíre already lining up our 2011 Gamettes and the contest for our 2010 Gamette of the Year is still in full swing and will be running until January 16th so donít let the thought of some new geeky hotness distract from the lovely ladies who are already on the site.

Donít think we forgot about our Top Five of 2010 list, either. We know some of you probably wish we would but tough noogies,† you get one!

So without further ado or fanfare, hereís our top 5 game picks for 2010 in no particular order:

That's five assassins. That's ten "ass-es" and five "ins".

Assassinís Creed Brotherhood: This one comes could almost be our top pick for 2010 with its damn near perfect mixture of story, action, and multiplayer goodness. Thereís very little wrong with this game but some of what is wrong can bring the fun to a screeching halt.

Following the exploits of Ezio Auditore, ACB brings some of the best single player action weíve seen all year. As an Assassin in 16th century Italy, Ezio is a solid badass with an arsenal of moves and weapons at his disposal that serve to decimate opponents while you hack, slash, and stab your way to revenge. The missions can be a bit frustrating but fortunately, thereís a very forgiving checkpoint and autosave system that will help ease the pain of the more treacherous tasks Ezio has in store for him.

The multiplayer *can* be a blast. Short, furious matches where patience is rewarded more favorably than the quick and dirty kill. Points are based on the quality of the kills you make so you might get 3 primo kills and beat out the guy with 12 kills. As you level up your multiplayer character, you get access to more equipment and perks which can change the way you play in multiplayer.

The downside of the multiplayer is the wait times. There seems to be something hinky about the way Ubisoftís matchmaking works and you may end up waiting 20 minutes for a 10 minute match which can seriously eat into your session time in what would otherwise be an excellent time saver. In the end, the weird match setups can be forgiven as this game is very Busy Gamer friendly. If you have 30 minutes to play, you can get a substantial amount of enjoyment from this title.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare: The BG Reckon Crew has expressed their undying (pun intended) love for the western shoot Ďem up that is Red Dead Redemption. While there have been several DLC updates for the game, Undead Nightmare made it a whole new game. Thereís a very real feeling of desperation when you begin as ammo is much more scarce in this DLC than in the main game and the storyline actually picks up during an earlier point in the main game, meaning that if youíve already beat the game, youíre going to be seeing all those familiar old places in a whole new light.

New weapons and outfits are just the capper on this DLC. Undead Nightmare also adds some new multiplayer but where the game shines is the new single player missions. As in the original, missions can be time consuming and youíre definitely going to want to see what happens next so busy gamers should approach the DLC with that in mind. And just like in the main game, once youíve beaten the main story, you can continue to play well after the final credits roll. Whether itís hunting sasquatch (seriously) or just gunning down zombies, thereís plenty to do once youíve finished the storyline.

We play primarily for the sheer amount of headbands in Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Amid all the turmoil thatís been going on with Activision and Infinity Ward, the Call of Duty franchise has managed to launch another winner in the series with Developer Treyarch back at the helm this year. Along with revamping the popular Nazi Zombies mode, Black Ops manages to land another one-two punch with a fantastic story and incredible gameplay. Not only did the single player campaign manage to keep me on the edge of my seat, the multiplayer modes available do not fail to satisfy.

Unlike the Modern Warfare entries of the franchise, the single player story felt considerably longer. This isnít a bad thing as Iíve felt the stories being told in the previous entries was almost too short to enjoy but itís something to keep in mind when trying to get in some quick gameplay. The scenarios have a tendency to grab your attention so the real danger isnít that you canít get in quick games but that you wonít want to turn it off once you get going.

New multiplayer maps, weapons, and gears have added an entirely new facet to the frenzy that has become CoDís multiplayer sessions. Games are quick to come up though if youíre trying to find one specific type of map or game type, you may find yourself waiting a little longer. Try not to get too caught up in the Nazi Zombies multiplayer. You may find yourself missing hours from your life.

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty: Twelve years in the making meant a lot of expectations for this sequel. We all know, however, that sequels just happens to be one of the things Blizzard does well. Thus, it wasnít too much of a surprise when Wings of Liberty landed and not only surpassed our expectations but ended up being a hit with people who hadnít even played the original.

As with most of Blizzardís products, WoL hit the markets with some phenomenal music, voice work, and gameplay. A solid sequel to the story told in the original and the add ons, Wings of Liberty managed to captivate our attention all over again.

With two more expansions in the works (Wings of Liberty covered only the Human campaign, the Protoss and Zerg campaigns are yet to be released), the Starcraft franchise is officially back in business. While the single player campaign could be a little time consuming, the multiplayer is still the same frantic pace as the original and can make for some quick, sometimes frustrating, matches for those who are gaming on a schedule.

Time will tell if the two add ons will generate as much interest but itís a good bet that Blizzard has yet another hit on its hands.

This screen shot will mean absolutely nothing to you unless you play the game...

Game Dev Story: Yeah, Iím throwing an app up here on my top five. Thatís why itís my top five and not yours. Available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android, Game Dev Story is one of those games that grabs your attention and doesnít let go.

The scenario is this; youíre a new game company creating (what else?) games for the various devices on the imaginary market. While many of the ďconsoles??? you create games for bear some resemblance to real life devices, you are able to create your own console and program for it. You choose from categories that set the tone for your game (Robot Fighting or Animal RPG Sim anyone?) and then go to market with it.

Itís a clever little game that can be played at length or with just a few minutes a day and you wonít regret any of the time investedÖ unless you do something like forget to walk the dog or feed the kids or something. The greatest part of this game is that it is portable and easy to click a few times and then sit back to see what happens. In all honesty, this has been one of the few games that Iíve felt compelled to buy from the very get go and the first time I played it, I realized a few hours of my life had disappeared as I tried to tweak my programming team and figure out which games were the money makers.

I imagine this game will see some improvements as time goes on but as it stands now, itís a great game if you want something a bit more portable to entertain you during your down time.

There it is, folks, our top five picks for 2010. If you havenít had the chance to play them yet, we highly recommend them all. Before you run off to pick them up though, go vote for our Gamette of the Year because every time you donít vote, I kill a kitten.

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How’s your real life Sho-Ryu-Ken?

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

(Gamespot) – Microsoft’s Kinect has another launch title, and one with a surlier disposition than the family-friendly lineup of fitness and action games already announced. Ubisoft today announced that it will launch Fighters Uncaged exclusively for the Xbox 360′s motion-sensing camera peripheral worldwide this November.

Developed by upstart AMA Studios, Fighters Uncaged pits players against a roster of a dozen underground fighters, allowing them to punch, kick, and yell to trigger 70 different attacks, combos, and super strikes. The game will feature three different leagues to conquer, upgradeable character skills, and 21 different environments in which to brawl. The game also includes a multiplayer mode allowing friends to virtually pummel one another, a tutorial mode to bring players up to speed, and novice and pro control schemes.

Based in Belgium, AMA Studios is a subsidiary of Ubisoft sister company Advanced Mobile Applications. It was founded last year with a focus on “creating AAA console games that redefine the way players control their in-game.

Game Review: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands - BusyGamer Score 2

First Glance:
The next installment of Ubisoft’s popular action adventure puzzle franchise.

Short Story:
You, playing as the Prince, come to visit your brother, Malik, who is a ruler of a kingdom. But when you arrive, you see that he is in the middle of a war. You now go around the kingdom trying to locate your brother while, on the way, defeating enemies at the same time. You meet up with Malik in King Solomon’s tomb where Malik decides to release Kings Solomon’s Army in order to end this war. Then something goes wrong, the “army” thatís released is an ancient evil that draws its power from the sands lead by an evil demon called Ratash. After the seal that held the army captive is broken, the Prince and Malik each took a half of the seal and were once again separated. The two brothers found that whenever they kill an enemy, they gain power from them. Malik likes this power but Prince can see that one can be overcome by it. Then comes the fight with Ratash. After you wear the demon down, Malik comes out of nowhere and delivers a killing blow, or so you think. As Malik’s half of the seal absorbs the power of Ratash, you notice he is now overcome by the demonís power and becomes Ratash. You now have to locate your brother and save him from this terrible fate and save the world as you know it.

The Score:
I was absolutely disappointed in this game. I am giving this game a 2.

Body of Review:
Usually, I like to have a good and bad section to my reviews but I’m just gonna go ahead and combine them into one. I had some major problems with this game. In the past, the Prince of Persia series has been known as an action adventure puzzle game but the problem with this installment is that there was no action or adventure. The majority of the gameplay was me running up a wall, swinging from poles, or avoiding traps around the area. And then when I did actually fight some enemies, there were usually about a hundred or so that I had to fight. The waves of enemies were ridiculous. The gameplay itself was not what it used to be in a Prince of Persia game. Remember back in the Sands of Time trilogy, especially in Warrior Within where you could string together combos to really do some damage? Yeah, those days are long gone. Now you can only hit enemies with so called “quick attacks”, which take at least a 2 second wind up on the Prince’s part, and a charge attack. No more combos, no more Mature rating either, which is what I loved about Warrior Within.

Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands

The powers you obtain over the course of the game are okay but not great. They include Fire Trail, Ice Blast, Stone Armor and a Wind Gust. I found myself using the Fire Trail more than any other power because it did the most when I was surrounded by enemies.

You also use the power of the sands in this game. With the power of the sands you can control time, which you can use to prevent some deaths and help figure out the puzzles in the game. You can also slow down time which will slow down water falls and water spouts enough to where you can climb, walk, swing, and shimmy on water. This was a pretty cool feature for the first two sections I had to use it in, then it just became annoying by how much I HAD to use it.

The last power you obtain is the power of the wind. You can be in mid jump and then use this power to dart yourself to an enemy at the opposite end of a once unreachable gap.

I would have to say the only decent thing about this game is perhaps the cinematics. They were done quite well but when you have good cinematics with a disappointing game, it doesn’t help any.

Final Thoughts:
After playing this game, it really made me sad that this is where the Prince of Persia franchise has gone. When I saw that they were going back towards the Sands of Time I was excited because I was a big fan of that trilogy but I was severely disappointed. I hope that if there’s a next installment, they will go back to the days of Mature ratings and violent combos and gameplay.

Until next time, happy gaming everyone!


New Bioware IP to Be Announced at VGAs?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Announcement Please!

(VG247 & VG247) After Geoff Keighly posted a tweet saying that there are “around 10 games still unannounced“, people have begun speculation of which companies these games have come from. On Daniel Roy’s Tumblr account, he has a post saying that he is indeed a Senior Producer on an unannounced original IP.

As for speculation on what kind of game that it is, it will most likely a shooter since he has worked on previous games such as Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Ghost Recon 2 from Ubisoft according to his LinkedIn. With the recent release of Dragon Age: Origins, now more workers from Bioware will have time to focus on this new project. But speculation still rises: will this secret game be revealed at the 2010 VGA’s?

Say “Ubisoft YouTube” ten times really fast…

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Ubisoft to debut short film “Assassin’s Creed: Lineage” exclusively on YouTube

Concept Art from Ubisoft's upcoming "Assassin's Creed II"

Concept Art from Ubisoft's upcoming "Assassin's Creed II"

Ubisoft announced on Monday that it would be posting a short film based on its hit game “Assassin’s Creed” to YouTube on October 27th. The short film will be a mixture of computer graphics and live action which will set the stage for the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed II” which is scheduled for launch on November 17th.

The film, titled “Assassin’s Creed: Lineage”, was created by Ubisoft’s special effects firm Hybride Technologies, which was purchased by the French based company in July of last year. Some of you may recognize the name… They played a large part in the computer graphics and surreal imagery in the movies “300″, “Sin City”, “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” as well as many of the “Spy Kids” movies.

The first short film’s debut (first of a three part series) will be featured exclusively for 24 hours on YouTube’s main page on October 27th. Fans of the original game and newcomers alike will be treated to the first glimpses of the story behind Assassin’s Creed II which is set in Renaissance Italy. In total, the three short films will run 38 minutes in length.

The actors in the films are those who lent their talents to the game as well. Not only are their voices present but their likenesses as well. The film’s producer, Yves Simoneau, worked with Ubisoft’s producer Patrice Desilets to ensure that everything remained the same from the films to the game. Even the script for the films is the work of the Assassin Creed’s writer Corey May.

While this may not be the first effort of the videogame industry to control the creative direction of the movie media in regards to their works, it may very well be the first to be completely successful. The move to feature the works via YouTube, for free, may well be the first signs that companies like Ubisoft understand the power of mass advertising through free formats. After all, those that choose to watch the films are clicking intentionally on the links that essentially advertise a product.

What does this mean to you and me? I doubt much in this initial stage, but consider the money that is being spent to produce this project. Ubisoft may still advertise in the “normal” media but those who choose to watch the films are more of a captive audience than the software company could hope to reach during normal television viewing.

Trailers for the upcoming short films have hinted at a very high production value and weighing in at the aforementioned 38 minutes total is considerably longer than one could hope to ever air during a commercial.

While it remains to be seen as to whether this will be a smart move on Ubisoft’s part, the buzz already generated on the web for “Lineage” would seem to point in that direction. And if it is successful, how long before YouTube is flooded by movie-mercials advertising the latest and greatest in gaming by telling a back story about it?

We can only wait and see.

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