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Bing, fries are done…

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
No, not that Bing...

No, not that Bing...

If you haven’t been paying attention or live deep underground, you may not know that Microsoft has a new search engine called Bing. You also may not know that Microsoft’s entry into the search engine fray is actually as an underdog, unusual territory for the software giant.

However, recent numbers show that Bing is gaining a market share of Web searches. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a large share but when you consider how many people use search engines, any positive change in a market share of millions is a step in the right direction.

Data from Dublin based StatCounter shows that Microsoft’s Bing took 8.23 percent of U.S. web searches in June, up from the 7.81 percent market share Microsoft controlled prior to Bing’s rollout. Google, on the other hand, dropped from 78.72 percent prior to Bing’s launch to 78.48 percent. Yahoo also showed an increase from 10.99 to 11.04 percent.

While these numbers might not mean much to you and I, it does mean that Microsoft may be making some headway in the market. Good news for the giant considering they are currently losing money on their new search engine. If the trend continues, the gamble may just pay off for Microsoft in the long run.

Other data research firms are expected to release figure in mid-July which should either confirm or disprove the apparent trend.

Who would have thought Microsoft would ever be a David to anyone else’s Goliath?


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