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New Wonder Woman outfit: Downgrade or Upgrade?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Before and after, we actually prefer the before...

(Yahoo) – When “Wonder Woman” announced that Adrianne Palicki had been cast in the title role, buzz on the superhero show quickly shot through the roof. But then fans got a look at the ill-advised costume. Outrage quickly ensued. And hell hath no fury like a comic fan outraged.

The anger stemmed from Wonder Woman’s shiny, rubber-like pants and high heels. It looked like a cheap version of a “sexy” Halloween costume. Fans cried out, this is no way for a superhero, especially one of the most beloved of all time, to dress.

The blogosphere immediately went into cynical overdrive. Commenters on EW’s article speculated that the show would be canceled in a matter of weeks. SlashFilm wrote that the outfit did little to inspire confidence in the show’s prospects.

Apparently the producers of the show were listening. Some photos of the actress on the set have surfaced, and eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted the changes to Wonder Woman’s threads. The shiny pants have been replaced by a more natural-looking fabric. Her footwear has gone through a transformation as well. The bright boots, which were once blue, are now red. And, even more important, no more high heels.

But even though some of Wonder Woman’s outfit has changed, much of it remains the same. The red bustier is still intact as are her trademark tiara and lasso of truth. Time will tell if these modest changes to Wonder Woman’s threads have a positive effect on the show when it premieres on NBC this fall.

Wonder Woman gets a makeover, at 69.

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

(NY Times) – Wednesday is a good day for Wonder Woman. This 69-year-old superheroine, published by DC Comics, will don a new, and less revealing, costume and enjoy the publication of Issue No. 600 of her monthly series.

The costume ties into an alternative history for the character devised by J. Michael Straczynski, the new writer of the series, and into a quest by DC to shine a critical and creative spotlight on the heroine, who stands with Superman and Batman in its primary triumvirate of superstars, despite her series’s modest sales.

In the reimagining of her story, Wonder Woman, instead of growing up on Paradise Island with her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her Amazon sisters, is smuggled out as a baby when unknown forces destroy her home and slaughter its inhabitants.

Mr. Straczynski, who created the television show “Babylon 5??? and wrote the screenplay for “Changeling??? in 2008, starring Angelina Jolie, said in an e-mail message that he wanted to address “the wardrobe issue??? as soon as he took the job.

“She’s been locked into pretty much the exact same outfit since her debut in 1941,??? Mr. Straczynski wrote. “If you’re going to make a statement about bringing Wonder Woman into the 21st century, you need to be bold and you need to make it visual. I wanted to toughen her up, and give her a modern sensibility.???

He added, “What woman only wears only one outfit for 60-plus years????

Given Wonder Woman’s pre-eminence as a female character in the largely male superhero pantheon, her looks have always been a matter of more than casual interest, to both fanboys and feminists. In a 2006 interview about her work on the series, the novelist Jodi Picoult said: “One of the first things I did was ask if we could give her breast-reduction surgery, because as a woman, I know you wouldn’t fight crime in a bustier. But I was somehow shot down by DC.???

The new costume was designed by the artist Jim Lee, who in February was named co-publisher of DC, alongside Dan DiDio. Given the assignment, “my first reaction was, ‘Oh my gosh,’ ??? Mr. Lee said in an interview. But he welcomed the challenge: “When these characters become so branded that you can’t change things, they become ossified.???

The new look, with an understated “W??? insignia, a midnight blue jacket and a flinty fusion of black tights and boots — is darker than the famed swimsuit-style outfit, and aims to be contemporary, functional and, as Tim Gunn of “Project Runway??? might say, less costumey.

Given the hope that the character will one day have her own international film franchise (a feature has long been gestating at Warner Entertainment, DC’s parent company), one test of the design was to imagine how it would look standing next to, say, Batman’s politically neutral ensemble. “The original costume was the American flag brought to life,??? Mr. Lee said. “This one is a little more universal.???

Mr. Lee has drawn his share of sexy superheroines (the X-Men’s Rogue among them), some in skimpy costume, and knows what many fans will ask: “Why am I covering up her legs???? Ultimately, he wanted her to look strong “without screaming, ‘I’m a superhero.’ ???

The arrival of Issue 600 is a bit of comic-book sleight of hand, or, as DC calls it, a return to historical numbering. Wonder Woman’s first self-titled series, which begin in 1942, ended with No. 329. The character was then overhauled, her previous continuity erased, and she starred in Volume 2 as a heroine new to the world. That incarnation lasted 226 issues. Another new direction spurred a third volume (and, to collectors who care about such things, another Issue No. 1) that ran for 44 issues. Do the math, and what would have been Issue No. 45 is now Volume 1, No. 600.

The new costume will almost certainly be better received than the curveball thrown Wonder Woman in 1968, when she lost her powers, dressed mod and practiced martial arts. It took the attention of no less than Gloria Steinem to protest the change, and to help get the Amazon back into her star-spangled duds. Ms. Steinem went on to use Wonder Woman, resplendent in red, white and blue, on the cover of the first issue of Ms. magazine in 1972. A cover line proclaimed, “Wonder Woman for President.???

That’s the kind of attention Mr. Straczynski thinks she deserves: “Wonder Woman is a strong, dynamic, vibrant character who should be selling in the top 20, and I’m going to do all I can to get her there.???

Apparently this is big news in Nerd Girl World…

Friday, May 29th, 2009
Stopping bullets? She may need to toughen up.

Stopping bullets? She may need to toughen up.

Ever since 2008 when there was a viral hoax that portrayed a photoshopped Megan Fox in a Wonder Woman picture, there were people hoping and hinting that she would get the part in an upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Not me. While Ms. Fox has certain ASSetts to be sure, she just doesn’t have the chops to be the world’s most popular female superhero. I mean Wonder Woman is the Girl’s “superman???. She is an unofficial spokesperson for riot grrls and nerdy femmes the world over. She is a strong character and part of DC comics BIG THREE next to Superman and Batman. While I am certain that she could fill out the costume right, she just hasn’t proven herself to be worthy of the part. She even told FHM magazine that Wonder Woman was “Lame???. WTF?? Seriously? The only thing lame is that tattoo Megan has that spews some crap about a girl in love. If you think an invisible jet doesn’t make sense, please tell me what that stupid tattoo means.

Hope you chose wisely Archie.

Hope you chose wisely Archie.

In other news of nerdy girl world….

After 67 years Riverdale’s Archie actually picked Veronica the vixen over Betty the girl next door. (And you thought your boyfriend couldn’t commit… it took this cat over six decades! Buy your man a beer)

While everyone probably wanted to see Archie pick Blonde Betty as his bride to be, This Busygamer is happy to see he went with the exotic rich chick who looks like there is a lot of danger left in her. According to the comic’s publisher, they should tie the knot after they graduate college. Sounds like some people I know in real life….

Don’t’ do it Archie!

-T. Danger