Interview: Matt Busch at Star Wars Fan Days III

And this is an attention getter!

And this is an attention getter!

I met Matt Busch at Star Wars Fan Days in late October. Fan Days is great for the Star Wars fan. There are celebrities to meet, collectables to buy, and artwork to get from Star Wars sanctioned artists. One such artist was Matt Busch who impressed us with his “Learn to Draw Star Wars DVDs” and Zombie themed SW prints. Matt took some time from his schedule to hang and chat with us… here’s the result of that.

BG: So how’s Fan Days going for you so far?
MB: Fan Days is rocking. I’m having a blast, last year was my first year I had fun then and I’m having even more fun this year. I love Texas, love the show, I’m having a blast.

BG: So this is your second year?
MB: It is. The show is great the folks that run the show, Ben Stevens in particular who runs the show, Mark Walters, they really treat the artists like royalty. I like the program they do with the sketch cards I think it’s really neat. It’s a neat way for fans to be able to afford an original piece of official art. It’s really kick ass that people can take advantage of that. Collectables are great I think it’s awesome. I’m a collector myself I think it’s cool to have a show like this.

BG: You know I talk to a lot of artists at things like this. Some artists say sometimes the prints are the bigger sellers, sometimes the original art. What do you think is your biggest seller?
MB: Gosh. I think for me, kinda what’s been my blessing is that I’ve been a jack of all trades, master of none. Honestly it’s been a sampling of art, sketch cards, DVDs, books of my work, it’s been a pretty random sampling this year.

Matt Busch and BG's Timothy Danger at Star Wars Fan Days III

Matt Busch and BG's Timothy Danger at Star Wars Fan Days III

BG: Let’s talk about the “You can draw Star Wars” DVD you have here… can you tell me about it?
MB: Sure. It started as a book that was written by Bonnie Burton, I did some of the artwork, Tom Hodges who is also here did some of the artwork…and there was an opportunity to make video episodes for star and their website and it really kind of started from that. Then I had 7 episodes for the 1st season for a limited edition DVD, I did another season that was collected on DVD, I’m about to start the 3rd season I’m starting work on that right now, it’s been blast. They are a pretty big hit online. I love it. They are real educational for people who want to learn how to draw I mean what cooler thing than drawing Star Wars for learning how to draw. I mean they are the books and DVDs I didn’t have as a kid. Well I didn’t have any DVDs as a kid because they didn’t exist yet… but you know it’s all the stuff I wish I had when I was a kid. The ability to make some of that stuff and inspire children of all ages from ages 4 to 81 it’s a dream come true it’s been a lot of fun.

BG: I have to ask… who’s your favorite to draw?
MB: Well the easiest to draw is stromtroopers there isn’t a lot you know they are all white. The hardest to draw is either C3PO or Darth Vader. Darth Vader is easy to paint but he’s hard to draw.

BG: That’s interesting… You mentioned painting what’s your favorite type of medium to use?
MB: Normally most of my painted work is acrylics with a little bit of color pencil on top for details. Here at the show I have some color markers to touch up sketch cards. Otherwise I like all the mediums really I think it keeps me from getting bored to pull out a different medium you know pull out charcoal pencils or pen and ink to keep from getting in a rut and have everything look the same.

Every TV boy's fantasy!

Every TV boy's fantasy!

BG: Things like your drumsticks here… is that something you thought on your own?
MB: No I was actually contacted by a company called pinup sticks that wanted me to illustrate some hot ladies and make some sexy drumsticks. I Had a lot of fun doing that. So far the three that are available are METAL MISTRISS, BUILT FOR POUNDING (my personal favorite), and SOUTHERN BELLE, and the other one coming out is PERCUSSION CONCUSSION.

BG: So the work you do is it mostly freelance?
MB: Yea it’s mostly freelance I think I prefer that to having a full time job where I’m working on the same kind of stuff all the time. You know for years and years paid my dues where I basically said yes to every job. Even if it was things like Kibbles and Bits storyboards. Now I’m at the point where I can pick and choose. I’m been blessed and really lucky I can do the stuff I love I get paid to draw stuff that I got in trouble for in grade school It’s pretty wild.

BG: Do you have any tips for aspiring artists trying to break in?
MB: The biggest tip I can give is to stay with it. I believe there is enough work for everyone. I think if you stay with it, don’t give up I truly believe there is enough work for everyone I think you need to find your niche and find where that is. But as soon as you give up obviously you’ll never get any work. Everytime you send out your work to another company you just increased your chances by 100 percent. Stay with it practice makes perfect. In addition to sending your work out there always refine your skills try to see what you can do to get better. You know I’m a student for life I don’t know it all I am continually learning and evolving and enjoying the process I think that kind of attitude will help me grow.

BG: so Matt Busch dot com?
MB: Yeah I mean I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace but the easiest is, Busch is spelled like the beer not like the shrub.

BG: nice.. and do you have anything we should be looking out for?
MB: Well right now the most recent thing is the SW zombie posters I am showing here, they seem to be a big hit. I’m working on Planet of the Apes stuff. I’m all over the place.

BG: Well hey Matt, thanks for talking with us, we appreciate it…
MB: Sure… No problem thanks for sharing the love.

See artwork for sale, galleries and blog info for Matt at Matt appeared at Star Wars Fan Days III in Plano, Texas courtesy of Lucas Arts where this interview was conducted.

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