Once a week, Gritskrieg rolls out of bed at an unholy hour and makes the trek to 106.9′s glamorous studio to get on the air with DJ Harley Myles. Most of the time he doesn’t even bother to brush his teeth before he gets to the station but that’s okay, it’s radio so no one knows… No one but poor Harley.

Tackling a week’s worth of geek news in the span of about 45 minutes, Gritskrieg and Harley cover a wide range of topics. Everything from new games or new tech to stories of the Digi-Pope. Nothing is sacred and no stone goes unturned in this journalistic search for truth. Of course, they make a bunch of stuff up as they go if there’s no good stories to talk about.

You can listen to Week In Geek Radio on 106.9 FM in the south Texas area at 7am every Friday morning, starring BusyGamer.com’s own Gritskrieg & DJ Harley.


Send in your tech, geek and gamer questions to be answered on the air to 1069geek@busygamer.com.