ALIXGamette: Alix
Location: California
Photographer: Blank Logo Photography
Featured Gear: Gamette Tee
Gamer Tag: Classified

What is your favorite guilty geeky pleasure?
Playing my consoles on the kitchen t.v. so I donít waste time walking over and getting food, itís right there for the grabs.

What is your most infamous geek moment?
I think anytime I played drunk Rock Band would be my most infamous geek moment. I like to think I can sing and take over the world.

What is your favorite portable gadget?
Now thatís a hard one, but I would probably have to go with my old faithful, my PSP. I love Socom on that thing! Not only that, but knowing that Final Fantasy Dissidia is coming out for it, it makes me happy that I bought one all those years ago.

Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii?
I’m more of a PS3 fan personally. I’ve always liked Sony so I guess you can say I’m a loyal customer. I think all 3 systems are great, but the PS3 just appeals to me more. I like a lot of their exclusives a bit more then the ones you can find on the 360 and Wii.

What is your favorite game?
That award goes to “Shadow of the Colossus”, I love how they made so much out of so little. To me, team Ico can do no wrong.

What’s the ring tone on your cell phone right now?
Right now it’s the Chemical Zone song from Sonic. Brings back awesome memories of playing my Sega Genesis with my parents.

Are you Strong in the Force or is Fluent in Klingon more your style?
The Force is more my jam, thanks to my nerdy dad.

Comic books… Legitimate art form or waste of paper?
I think comics are pieces of art for sure. I work in comics and see first-hand all the time that goes into them. All of those artists are very talented people and deserve for their work to be recognized as more then mere entertainment.

Last time you kissed a geek?
Itís been a couple of weeks. The sacrifice of long distance affection.

Do you blog? If so, would you want your parents to read it?
IĎve been blogging here and there for about a year now! And I think whether Iíd want them to read it or not, theyíd find a way. Theyíre sneaky like that.

What is your favorite geeky movie/tv quote?
ďYour mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of Elderberries!??? – Gotta love Monty Python.

You get one weapon when the zombie apocalypse comes. What is it and why?
A wooden baseball bat. If Bad Girl from No More Heroes can become a high ranking assassin with that thing, I can kill me some good amount of zombies with it.

Marvel or DC?
Iíd have to say Marvel on this one. I grew up reading my dadís comics, and he loved Marvel himself. I have to admit though, my favorite comic is the Green Lantern. But other then that I know more about Marvelís comics then DC.

If you could date one animated character, who would it be?
Oh wow, now this is hard! Itís a toss up between Wesker and DanteÖ But in the in end, I have to pick Wesker! If my kids are going to be sinister bastards, I want them to do it in style like he does.

Do you think our tractor beam is sexy?
Why yes, itís sexiest Iíve seen!

Reckon Crew Note
Alix (aka Kess) is an intern at Top Cow Productions in their editorial department, and is also currently learning how to ink comic books. You can view more about Alix at her personal Myspace,, and