Gamette: Isis
Location: Texas
Photographer: JJ & Yersenia Photography
Featured Gear: Red Skully
Gamer Tag: Classified

First impressions are important. Tell us why you’re awesome.
I’m a wife first, gamer second and I’m not afraid to talk during a game. I fuel my game on trash talk and spend my days thinking of the best comebacks. I game like a guy and I don’t care!

What are you currently playing?
Modern Warfare 2 has taken over my life.

What was the first game you played that made you realize you were better than the “boys”?
Counter Strike, no doubt.

Tell us about the first time you competed. Was there anything that stood out from that time that made you cringe/rejoice/breakdance?
I went to a legit LAN when I was 18, it was for CoD4 and I was the not only the only girl competing, but the only girl there. I was extremely shy and didn’t know if I should talk to anyone or just grab the controller and play when it was my turn. I ended up coming in second and laughing the whole night with my husband about the look on everyones faces when they saw I could dropshot and quickscope.

What do you think about the “n00b tube”?
I want to break my copy of MW2.

If you had to pick one game to get stuck on a desert island with, what would it be and why?
Aha, that would be Animal Crossing. Can’t live my life? I’ll live a fake one!

If you saw one of the Reckon Crew on the wrong side of your fav weapon in Modern Warfare, would you give us a by or shoot us “squawr in da face”?
You wouldn’t make it long enough to pick a class. Rage quit!

Obviously there’s some disbelief in regards to your gender when you play online… Tell us about your favorite moment where someone realized they’d been beat by a girl.
It was my first Tactical Nuke. I didn’t talk before the game, but right after I giggled and said “Sweet my first nuke!” then a guy on the other team yells “OH MY GOD I GOT NUKED BY A GIRL I’M SELLING MY XBOX!!”. It was hilarious.

Who’s your favorite dork/geek/nerd? They can be fictional.George Lucas, no contest.
If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

If you could punch one person in the face without repercussions, who would it be and why?
Robert Bowling, lead director of Modern Warfare 2′s developing team for making such an annoying yet addictive game that is going to make my hair turn white before I hit 25.

Ever Google yourself? If so, what’s the most interesting result you’ve got?
Yes! Some guys on a forum were discussing my “hotness/ugliness” and trading pictures of me!

We’re bringing nerdy back…. Discuss.
Its already been brought!

Tell us about your longest gaming session ever. What was it, what inspired it, and what was the end result?
32 hours, Modern Warfare 2 recording rampage. I wanted to get as much footage to create a montage as fast as possible. I ended up using 50 gigs of hard drive space on my computer and sleeping for almost 2 days straight afterwards.

Who would win in a fight… Wolverine or Mace Windu?
Mace Windu would demolish Wolverine into scrap metal!

Tell us about your ultimate geek out moment.
Modern Warfare 2 release night I spent over 500 dollars in MW2 product, hugged every piece when I got it, took pictures with everything then cried three months later when I realized the game was terrible!