Gamette: Taffeta Darling
Location: Texas
Photographer: Daniel Driensky, Amber Deville, Randy Anderson, Elliott Munoz
Featured Gear: Red Skully
Gamer Tag: Itsthecreeper

Tell us who your favorite character is and why they’re better than Superman. If your favorite character is Superman, you lose this round.
Enid Coleslaw [if you don't know who that is, you lose this round]. She’s just trying to figure herself out and find her place in the world. Sadly she paves and leaves a path of heartache for herself and just about anyone who cares for her. Supes has a lil heartache and struggles with his family and heritage on a different scale. Enid had and has the strength to keep family in the heart but seek out the world and it’s meaning. Clark is pretty predictable, and no matter what, he’ll will always run home.

Tell us in haiku/Why we should read comic books/Because haikus rock.
* inward adventures * free my mind o book of art * the beacon to shore *

You get to choose one awesome super power but then you have to take one lame super power as well. What are they and why?
Lame Power – Ultra Flatulence boost, that projects ya 2 feet into the air, because it’s a natural occurrence, and every gal could use a boost. A Super Power – flying. Duh. no wait, breathing under water.. ah crap, maybe invisibility.

Our super power is being super sexy. Is it working?
I’m sorry, what was the question? I got lost in your sexy, sexy eyes.

Who is the hands down best comic book artist evar?
Oh Fuk. Uhm… dang dude, we’ll there’ so many styles and desi… Adam Hughes!

Now tell us which writer and storyline are the best evar.
Daniel Clowes by far is my fave. I adore the true to life awkward and uncomfortable stuff he writes. I really like Mark Millar, I dig the Ultimates.

Who is the best super villain ever created and why?
Randall Flag. So charming, yet deadly. Pure evil yet, enchanting.

Now tell us why a guy who reads comics is sexy.
Sense of adventure especially, when it’s by the seat of your pants.

List all of the assorted Lantern ring colors in order of what you believe to be weakest to strongest.
Green – Will power is the hardest thing to conquer, Star Sapphire- Love, you gotta be able to see past the hate.

You’re playing a game and you grab a green mushroom. What are you playing and what is the effect of the mushroom?
Super Mario Bros. One-Up.

What has been your favorite Con costume to date and why was it your favorite?
Velma Dinky. Smexxy and comfortable.

Name two things that a guy can do to get your attention. We will be testing this for the sake of science so please, for posterity’s sake, be honest.
Know more about cartoons than me, play an instrument.

Who wins in a fight, Peter Venkman or Godzilla? Yeah, it’s not a fair fight but when you’re making up the questions, missy, you can pick people more evenly matched.
Back off man, he’s a scientist!! Peter Venkman will no doubt come out the winner. He’ll pink ooze Lady Liberty, who he’ll then ride off controlling with an NES controller, to conquer Godzilla in a burp off.

You’re going to be stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life. We’ll even let you name it and everything. Name the three things that you’d want to have with you.
Ooooh! I always wanted my own Isle of Capri! And my must haves are a NevahFail solar powered 50 hour generator, for record playing purposes, my record collection, and a good blade of some sort.

You get to date one super hero. Who is it, why, and how does it all turn out?
Mr. Fantastic, and i’m still working on that arc.

Finish this oath, without looking on the internet (CHEATER!):
In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,

Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!

Name the Robins, in order. For extra points, who’s still alive?
Dick Grayson – [now Batman], Jason Todd – [alive now as the Red Hood], Stephanie Brown – [Batgirl], Damian Wayne – [Current Robin, and son of Bruce Wayne and Thalia al Ghul ] they’re all alive.

If you were a super villain, who would you be and why?
Two-Face. I like to chance things that need to be critically thought out. Anything where there is inner or outer turmoil struggling to compete against ones self, appeals to me.

Who is the most awesome non-super powered hero?
My most favorite detective, The Batman.

Look around your room. List a few items in order of geek cred.
Modern Warfare 2 poster, suitcase full of convention costumes, Simpsons action figures dress as classic horror movie characters.

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