Lhars Steck 2010Gamette: Lhars Steck
Location: Texas
Photographer: Mitch Ahrens
Featured Gear: Man’s Ruin Tee
Gamer Tag: Classified

Give us a brief description of how it felt to be chosen as our first official PAX Gamette. We know we’re super awesome so it’s okay to faint a few times while you go over it.
Well uh… /passes out. It’s a super honor and was great to meet the group at such a fun event that I look forward to every year!

We know you’re a huge WoW fan. Tell us about your best WoW moment and your worst WoW moment. Extra points if you shed a tear while writing about either one.
Totally best wow moments are server first boss kills, nothing feels better than progression before it gets nerfed for everyone else. Or wait….is my favorite moment wiping out a raid of the opposite faction…shit tough call. Worst, hands down when any of your core people get hacked, especially yourself (or in my case my husband as well). Puts a real damper on things.

What’s your favorite WoW class?
Mage/ Warlock / Boomkin (I’m a DPS junkie)

Is your WoW char’s gear nasty?
She is definitely a nasty girl!!!! But in all honesty gear only goes so far, it comes down to the player themselves. Good player + Little Fire + Heroic DFO = Could probably eat people alive wearing nothing else ;) .

What was your favorite event/moment at PAX this year?
All the open bars at the after parties :D and yes my guildies did get some drunk texting ROFL . But in all honesty it’s hard to narrow down, because so many things are happening in those 3 days. You’re surrounded by hundreds of games and companies, your back pack feels like your carrying a dead body cause you got so much swag, and the friends you make omg…you can talk to anyone and you’re bound to hit it off immediately, then yes lots and lots of crazy drunken after parties.

What game caught you completely off guard at PAX and why?
Tera. Awesome! Couple of guys got us into a dungeon run and wow… game looks clean, it’s innovative, the no target system gives a refreshing new feel to an MMO. For those that love their MMOs and are in search of something new, well stop thinking about FFXIV and check this out first, you’ll save yourself some money.

Is there such a thing as WoW-ing sexy?
There’s so much schmexy in WoW-ing you have no idea. /night elf dance

Lhars at Gameworks Seattle Wa 2010

How did you get into WoW? Has it lead to any other games/hobbies/no good?
My husband, lol. I would play on his account when he left for work and when he got home… well, I’d tell him to go find something else to do. Yeah that only lasted so long ^-^. But it did get me into a lot of MMOs. Right now I’m balancing 3 nights a week raiding in WoW and the rest of the nights I’m playing Aion doing fortress raids and some instances as well.

Pick one character from WoW that you wish was a real person. Now tell us why and how you’d treat them.
Kael’thas….Before his first nerf. I’d probably punch him in the face, cause that fight back in the day still gives me nightmares *tweak*.

If we bring you a sammich while you raid, do we get sexy points?
…I think I just passed out from all that sexyness. Did that just happen >.>.

We understand your character is a beast when it comes to DPS. How do most males react to that?
It’s WoW. So many guys play female toons, most don’t know I’m a girl till I get in vent. They either A. stop talking to me because I hit a sore spot or B. ask if I have a facebook.

We think our undead rogue is sexy. Thoughts?
I think I’m going to need to armory him before answering.

Are you looking forward to Cataclysm? Extra points if you squeal like a girl when we asked that quesion.
*SQUEALS* my mage is getting buffed and a hero raaaawwwwrrrr….I’m stealing all your bases.

Are there any MMOs on the horizon that might steal you away from WoW?
I’m balancing two right now (WoW and Aion) but I am going to have to drop one for Tera. I basically play WoW for raids only and Aion is my PVP vent game. Tera is going to require allot of time, so I’m trying to talk few of my main capadres from WoW to come try it with me. Who knows I may try to balance 3 games.

You get stranded on a desert isle (no, not the one from Lost). You get three tech/electronic/gaming devices and only three.
Does it have internet? Well in my stranded (Lost) island it does. My blackberry storm, My Computer, And My IPOD (in case I actually have to walk away from the computer).

Other than WoW and Aion, what’s your favorite geeky pleasure?
Battlestar Galatica, Firefly, Fringe, Dexter…..Favorite Favorite Favorite shows of alllllllll time!

What’s the one thing a guy can do to attract a woman who WoWs and why is it important? This isn’t for us, it’s totally for our friend who’s awkward around women.
If you can outplay me and you have a sense of humor that’s totally hawt.

If the President of the United States played WoW, what do you think he’d play?
I think he’d play a Death Knight, you know the random one…… that wants to tank and forgets to use frost presence, wiping the raid.

What do you think Blizzard has to do to stay on top? Do you think they’re worried about it?
I would like to think Blizzard would stop nerfing everything. I think some things should be kept difficult, it separates the good players from the great players. But that’s not going happen, when they nerf it brings in more people meaning more money for them :) .

How often do you run into disbelief that you’re a female?
Everyday, without fail.

Do you have any advice for people who might be looking to get into an MMO for the first time?
I definitely recommend when starting to stick with games like WoW, Guild Wars, Everquest, Lord of the Rings etc… they are easier to pick up on than Korean based games, ask questions, and don’t be scared to read up online. Every MMO is guaranteed to have forums, and most likely someone has asked the same question. :)