Deathwish DenaGamette: Deathwish Dena
Photographer: Bibi Musachia
Featured Gear: Red Skully
Gamer Tag: Classified

Tell us why you’re awesome in twenty words or less.
I am the perfect mixture of horror, combat, and fantasy with hours of enticing game play.

Who’s the hottest Batman? Keep in mind we haven’t dressed up as Batman (yet) so the obvious answer is right out.
Well I guess since you have yet to be unmasked as the next Bruce Wayne. For now I will have to go with Christian Bale minus the I am trying to hid who I really am grunt whispers. If he is bringing that to the bedroom I am leaving in a fit of laughter.

You get to be any character *but* Batman. Villain, sidekick, or hero, from the comics or the various movies. Who is it and why?
Two-face. He is human and monster. I love that he can be totally nuts and want to see something get completely destroyed enjoying every minute of it but shed a tear over a lover or friend. Also he goes hand in hand with me being utterly indecisive.

Who shot first?
Deep in my heart I want Han to have shot first. But I think it is more fun for it to be a never ending murder mystery game of Clue. To bad Lucas opened up that manilla envelope and tell us all it was Mr. Green in the Billiards Room with the Pistol.

Tell us what makes a geeky guy sexy. Extra points if you describe us to a tee.
Geek guys who are social are sexy to me. I want some one who wants to go out and do nerdy things, like costume parties, movie premieres, cons, star/ufo
gazing. Also any guy who can teach me ANY new geeky thing makes me smile.

Who wins in a fight, Batman or Malcolm Reynolds?
First this would be a pretty amazing fight. I am assuming this is without weapons, just hand to hand combat. As much as I love Malcolm <3 Batman would
win. I mean the dude IS A NINJA! Real question is who would win in a fight between River and Batman?!

We hear you’re a Roller Derby Girl. Tell us the best move you’ve ever pulled off. Bonus points if it made someone cry.
Yeah I do play for Austin’s own TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls and I would say one of my favorite shining moments was while at practice I had to preform a two lap duel with on of my trainers. Which is two laps around the track no holds bar, and this girl is TALL and one of the best blockers on our league. So my strategy is to attempt to pants her and in the midst of fighting some how I get her to the ground get up skate off then win the two lap duel. I was shocked!

If we were an NES, what game would keep you pushing our buttons?
You want me to pick just one?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!… I guess The Legend of Zelda or Mega Man II.

You’re in a horror movie. Which movie is it and do you survive? If you survive, how do you do it? If you don’t, how gruesome is your death?
Nightmare on Elm Street. I wouldn’t survive any horror flick because I am not a virgin. My death scene would start of like real life Candy Land and I would die by over eating candies filled with razorblades and glass, which would spill out of my belly in a bloody rainbow-y mess.

You get two weapons in the zombie apocalypse and neither can be guns.
Well if you are anyone who knows anything about zombies and you have throughly done your reading of The Zombie Survial Guide and World War Z you should know that, “blades don’t need reloading.” Also the more distance between you and your toothy flesh eating enemy is better. So a katana and some type of light weight scythe.

Tell us one thing about yourself that’s sure to get our site banned in Australia. We don’t like them anyway.
I can’t help you with this one. I love Aussies. I have a Silverchair tattoo.
Leave me alone!

What’s your absolute all time favorite game, video or otherwise?
I do have a great appreciation for “board” games. I lost my “copy” of Lunch Money some time ago and I REEEEEALLY need to re-buy it. It is a ridiculously fun card game where you have to beat up the other players and knock them out to steal their lunch money. The games go by fast but you end up spending hours in the middle of a dinner at 1 am playing till the coffee loses flavor and you might finally need to sleep.

Tyrannosaurus Rex versus Mecha-Godzilla, no special powers, straight up brawl. Who wins?
RAAAAWR! Claws out and short arms a swinging Mechagodzilla would win because he has got years of T-rex blood flowing through those oil filled veins of his.